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This is my school shopping list. Ik it's like everything in the stores! But please answer!?

I am hopefully going school shopping this monday. I'm going to be a senior this year. Anyway I am buying my own school clothes this year and I want to spend about $300. Here is my list. Do you think this is good?

--I have over 20 pairs of jeans so I don't need any! (including mostly skinny jeans some denim and black, purple, grey...)

--5 camis

--7 cute tops

--3 long sleeve shirts

--4 t-shirts

--2 cardigans (have 1 already)

--2 hoodies (have a billion!)

--1 tote bag (for books and such)

--1 belt

--bras, socks, underwear

--2 converse black and maybe white (my mom is buying my shoes for me but I already have purple and yellow)

--I have 2 flannels maybe 1 more

--2 or 3 necklaces (I have 3 now)


--hair accessories

Oh Gee! Sorry that was so long! But it's my senior year and my last time to really go school shopping so i'm excited =// If there is anything you think I should add let me know!


i'm willing to spend up to 500. 300 was just a random guess. lol

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    Would that be all you had? Or do you already have a lot more stuff? If that's all you have, I'd add:

    Chinos - 5

    Bermudas - 4

    5" Shorts - 4 (if you can wear them to school)

    Solid color tee shirts - 10

    Printed tee shirts - 5

    Tops - 13

    Cardigans - 7

    Cable knits - 5

    Pullover sweaters - 5

    Hoodies (pullover and zip up) - 12

    Sundresses - 7

    Sweater dresses - 7

    Formal dresses (for school required dress-up days) - 7

    Casual skirts - 6

    Dressy skirts - 5

    Camis - 20

    Ballet flats - 7

    Athletic shoes - 2 pairs of running shoes + sport-specific ones

    Sandals - 7

    Heels - 6

    Scarves - 10

    Skinny belts (hips) - 6

    Skinny belts (waist) - 4

    Wide belts (waist) - 4

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. $300 is enough to get a tiny fraction of your list. I think you'll need a bit (well, a lot) more.

    Not even $500 will be enough... The seven tops alone will require almost, if not all, of the money.

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    4 years ago

    (2) Binders (2) Composition Books (2) Pocket Folders Pencil Case #2 Pencils Blue or Black Pens Red Pen Highlighters Graphing Calculator Erasers Backpack Lunch Bag Binder Dividers Index Cards Protractor Ruler Compass (6) Pairs of Jeans (preferably skinny) (2) Pairs of Sweat Pants (15) Graphic Tees (4) Cami's (8) Tank Tops (3) Hoodies (2) North Face (2) Uggs (2) Converse (3) Dresses (4) Skirts (2) Pairs of Flip Flops (20) Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings (7) Pairs of shorts (4) Dressy Tops Clean and Clear Astringent Clean and Clear lotion Cover Up Purpose Soap (5) Hair Ties (2) Clips (1) Brush (1) Comb (3) Head Bands

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    here's a way to cut your list... get one pair of black converse. why do you need two of the same color? also, why do you need more hoodies if you already have a billion? go to plato's closet or a dept store and you can get these things for cheap.

    also, its not your last opportunity to do school shopping... trust me, when college comes around, you'll want to reinvent your wardrobe again.

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    Depending on your style, I would get more than one belt. If you like wearing them over tunics or dresses, get more than one is what I mean. But if you wear them solely to keep your pants up, then stick with one.

    Other than that, it's good :]

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    1 decade ago

    your list sounds good! i think you should add a pair of black peep toe booties though! they're super in and will dress up a basic outfit!

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    1 decade ago

    im sorry but idnt think you can get all of that stuff on just $300.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are definetely ready.

    have fun on your last year! :D

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