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i cant access any downloaded content from my hard drive on my friends xbox 360?

i cant access any downloaded content from from my HDD hard drive when its on my friends xbox 360 arcade

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    This isn't an isolated problem, this is something that has kind of been built in. When you download something, a license is created that registers that content to that particular system. Put that hard drive on another system, and it will see that the license(s) don't match the current system, and the content will not work correctly (or sometimes, it may not even work at all). The only way to prevent this is to use your hard drive on your system, meaning that you will have to take your system to your friend's house to play your content.

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    Definitely get a PS3. I own both, and can honestly tell you the Playstation 3 is much better. PS3: 250 gb console will run you $350.00. Online is free. You CAN, but don't HAVE to pay for Playstation Plus, which gives you access to price discounts and free downloadable content from the Playstation store. Only 100 in 1000 consoles will fail for some reason or another, whether it be factory error, overheating, or accidental damage. Only one out of those 100 are unusable because of the Yellow Light of Death. The PS3 uses Blu-Ray, which is the best of the best HD picture and sound. Not only that, but Blu-Ray discs are more scratch resistant and hold more memory than standard DVD's. It also has anti-aliasing, which can be used to make games more realistic, or cartoony. Xbox: A 250 gb console will run you $300.00, but you have to pay $60 a year to play online. every 600 of 1000 will fail for any of the reasons stated above. every 360 out of those 600 are made unusable by the Red Ring of Death. Even many of the new Slims are being affected by the Red Dot of Death. Can you say 'not reliable'? The graphics are nice, don't get me wrong, but they are restricted to the more cartoony and vibrant color spectrum, due by the lack of anti-aliasing. Other pros and cons are as follows; PS3 can do 3D movies and games, has a better controller(Sixaxis motion sensor, and two vibrate motors), more customizable menu and avatars, more, and better exclusives in a wider variety of genres, great online(only a few things can be improved), better online security, and Move, the most accurate motion control system on the market. It can play all PS1 games, but I just want it to be able to play PS2 games. Xbox has good online(many things can be improved, like security and server reliability to reduce lag), Kinect is just a gimmick to attract younger gamers(controller free gaming is something the Playstation Eye could do LONG before Kinect was released), only has a handful of exclusives(Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, and Forza. 3 shooters, and 1 racer. Not very diverse, right?), many 'exclusive' games that are on Xbox can also be found on the PC, and every 360 has had that damn power brick and clunky controller. The only other positives are a larger online community, and a more colorful menu.

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