Chances for Admissions to Duke University.?

I'm going to be a Junior at the beginning of the Fall term of high school, and for many, many reasons, including prestige as well as quality of education, I'm interested in attending Duke University.

I don't know what anyone may need to know in order to approximate my chances of admissions, but here goes:

I live out of state (New York).

I'm Asian-American.

I attend one of the top 40 schools in the nation.

My high school has a strict non-ranking policy.

My cumulative average is around a 99 (GPA of nearly 4).

I have taken an AP World course and am taking an AP English course this term. I plan on taking some form of AP Calculus or AP Bio, Chem, or Physics Senior Year.

I took the AP World Exam and received a 4.

My main extracurricular activity is fencing (which I'm incredibly committed to, including boys season in the fall, training with the girls during the spring, and attending a club regularly, almost every week).

I don't really belong to any clubs within school.

I've taken a College Now Statistics class and received an A.

I will be enrolled in a College Now Sociology class this term.

I spent this summer taking Driver's Ed and working for a family friend's business, as well as attending fencing club.

My PSAT score for this year was a 1940, and my mock SAT score was a 1960. My English-Math-Writing was 650-650-640.

Next summer I plan on volunteering in a hospital or a medical office.

I'm 100% sure I wish to attend Duke, and if I feel as if my application is strong enough, I will be applying for early decision.

Is there any comments as to whether or not I have a strong or at least feasible chance of being accepted? Or is there any constructive advice as to how I might bolster my resume in the upcoming year? If there's any questions in regards to clarification or expansion on a topic, I'd be glad to answer them.

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    The goal at Duke is to be dissatisfied. Although your educational history may sound impressive, you should have the desire to improve. One of Duke's admission requirements is that you take at least three years of a foreign language. I suggest that you raise your SAT scores. Aim for at least a 2000 (Duke students score 2150+).

    Duke does not regard GPA as highly as other universities because the various school systems are taken into account. However, Duke students are among the top 10% of their class. Your school doesn't have a ranking system, so that will be interesting. Continue to take challenging courses. Be passionate about wanting change, and gracefully accept constructive criticism. Learn to write an impressive essay.

    My advice is that you stay involved in the community--Duke trains only the best students to become even better people. I feel that if you make it, you will learn a lot here.

    To be honest, many well-qualified students aren't accepted to Duke. I remember a program that I was in back in high school. The teacher who taught me was rejected from Duke but accepted to Harvard, so it's anyone's game--as long as you are qualified.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Med student at Duke University School of Medicine.
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    Your extracurriculars sound good, as does your GPA- so all that's left is your SATs, and I'd say you should try and get them up a bit higher to really make Duke want you. Nail your APs and I'd say you're good to go. Good luck :)

  • i think it's going to be very competitive, considering duke's prestige. however, you sound pretty qualified. duke's known for it's strict application process and i wish you the best of luck. :] you can do it!

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