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AFC Harrogate, question help please?

i want to go to Army Foundation Course in Harrogate, what are the requirments?..

do i need a clean police record?

do i need any GCSE's?

and anything else i need to know?


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    Hi Drama, Smile, Tears And Heartbreak-

    Fist where are you from? Where is Harrogate?

    You want to go to any army foundation? What the hell for?

    I dont know the requirements.

    Probably a clean crime record.

    I dont know what GCSEs are.

    I dont know what else is necessary because I have never been in the military so I cant help you.

    I dont know why you want to go into an army esp. now during the time of war- honey you'll get killed! But if it makes you happy then go ahead.

    Sorry I couldnt help:


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