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Is it OK to use your iphone/keep it on while charging?

So yeah I just got an iphone like 2 days ago, and is it OK to use the phone while it is charging, or will that kill the battery life?

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    yes, it is alright to use it on the charger. when i first got mine i was on it for probably 5 hours straight when it was on the charger. as long its plugged in your fine because no matter how long your on it or what you do. you can not possibly ever use more energy then it intakes when plugged in and charging...

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    Its extra useful in case you eliminate the battery and run merely off charger means. in case you run it on a similar time as the battery is plugged in, that shortens battery existence. working the workstation plenty (usual) would not kill it any quicker than in case you weren't. So once you utilize it like the kind you're, ascertain the battery is bumped off. reliable success!

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