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Was China the Mecca of sex tourism before CCP implemented Internet Censorship?

They say that they are obstructing pornographic websites.

Was pornography and sex rackets very prevalent in China?

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    Banning pornographic websites is just an excuse to curtail other websites that show the truth to Chinese population.

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    Obviously, not as prevalent as in the US. If you are looking for the Mecca of sex, I recommend you Japan which Pornography is still legal!

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    1 decade ago

    I think yes. Why otherwise would thoughtful leaders of CCP want to ban such websites?

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    1 decade ago

    Mecca is a Muslim holy city located in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, it wasn't...

    the Mecca of sex tourism is Thailand...

    China just doesn't want harmful influence to come from abroad...

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