Minimed's continuous glucose monitor, few questions?!?

Hey, I contacted Minimed for information on the CGMS and they talked with my insurance and said they can have one sent to me tomorrow...

I will be honest I have been researching but have a few questions and I am not sure who to ask.

1) I have a pump and I always wear it (except for swimming) with the monitor will I wear it always, or just went I want to see trends?

2) I remember when I first got my pump and they inserted it I nearly fainted, now I am used to it...but I had inserted it into a muscle (ow right?) With this, is something that will be like the pump when inserted or is it completely different?

If you can answer or any advice I would appreciate it please and thank you!

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    The CGM is water proof and you do not need to remove it to show or swim. Its up to you how often you wear it but if it were me I would probably wear it 24/7 and not have to worry about pricking my finger (although a finger prick test is needed every so often to calibrate it)

    You are luck that your insurance is covering it because most do not.

    As far as insertion it is just the same as the pump. There is a small cannula that you insert in the skin and the transmitter is taped to your body.

    I don't find the cannula for the pump painful and I rotate it around my thighs, abdomen, and just above my rear. They do make the cannula for the pump in two sizes, a 9mm and 7mm so you can try the smaller one. I cannot find any mention of the size of the cannula for the CGM.

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    do no longer worry, they're going to teach you. It must be extremely on the factor of your pump to be waiting to transmit the education to it. yet from what I comprehend, simply by fact the CGMS cannula does not infuse something into you, this is not "making use of up" a internet site. so which you will placed it in yet another section close on your pump, and it will heal up immediately once you're taking it out, no scar tissue curiously. abdomen is my well known!

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