is the proctor and gamble picture of man, moon, horns satanic ?

Proctor & Gamble has for years stubbornly refused to toss out its logo of an old man in the moon surrounded by 13 stars. Some people suspect that the stars represent the occultic number 13, and the belief is that they were arranged to roughly appear as a 6, the number of the beast of Revelation 13. What seem to be two horns come out of the old man's head.

then the company sued for $66,600 in a lawsuit.

some of it's products like crest highlight the e like is common in masonic and other secret organizations.

a competitor was using lies to spread the rumour but like many other companies proctor and gamble continues to make use of strange imagery on its products. that's the main way evil groups try to gain control.


"some ones dreaming !"

that's exactly what people into sorcery want you to think. they think imagery is powerful (and it is). being wilfully ignorant is wrong.

Update 2:

show the image to someone into evil and ask them what they think, without telling them where you got it from.

its features, color, symbols (most stars are pointed upside down the way they want them) are easily recognizeable.

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    Procter & Gamble (spell it correctly) stopped using the "old man in the moon" logo many, many years ago. Look at the P&G products in your home - do any of them bear that logo? (You pretty much can't avoid buying a P&G product, by the way. Pantene? Charmin? Tide? Febreze? Swiffer? Dawn? Crest? Downy? Bet one of those is in your home.)

    The logo is not used on their website, corporate publications, annual report, or anywhere else. So you are incorrect in stating that "proctor (sic) and gamble continues to make use of strange imagery". Wrong. And it is completely false to state that the old logo had anything to do with Satanism. This has been disproven over and over and over again since the 1980's. Do a little research instead of repeating tired, old, pointless and false speculation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some ones dreaming !

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  • wg0z
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    it's just a logo. don't try to find any hidden meaning, there isn't any.

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