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which sport is better: football or soccer?

if it's football, then will the sport ever take over the world?

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    Do we really need to have this debate?

    There are fans who enjoy American Style Tackle Football and others who enjoy the game of futbol played on the pitch. Then there is a handful of us who enjoy both, with no favorite of one over the other.

    Either way, we as fans have formed some type of bond/connection with the sport, with some teams and players along the way and thus we become fiercly loyal.

    Do we need to trash another sport to make ourselves feel good about our sport?

    Again, I happen to love both sports...I also enjoy Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

    I don't care for NASCAR, Golf or Curling...but you know what, if it's competitive, chances are I'll be watching.

    So let's close by acknowledging that each sport has it's positives and negatives, and for each of us as fans, we enjoy or prefer certain sports for our own specific reasons.

    I hope that Football spreads across the globe, while I hope the Soccer grows in popularity in the USA!!!

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    Honestly, its what ever you prefer. But heres a few things about each that I believe.

    I think football is more of an exercise.

    Football is a tiny bit easier to succeed in.

    Soccer is safer then Football.

    I think that Football is for anyone, due to all the different positions.

    Football is more popular than soccer in the U.S.A.

    And finally, if you are a pro in football, or if you are a pro in soccer, I think that football gets paid more.

    Hope this helped :)

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    American Football. Any sport where a game lasts 2 hrs and there is really only about 15 min of actual ball movement is a sport to be proud of. ;-)

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    i hate these major opinion questions but football and thats cuz soccer is an older sport

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    i say football is better than soccer

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    i like football but soccer sucks

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    The one that you are actually using your feet to play the ball with.

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    i like to watch football more.

    but play soccer more.

    so..errmm : both :)

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