Spybot search and Destroy question?

Alright, I just want to double check on some stuff to make sure my laptop is protected. I had bought a new laptop and it came with McAfee. It said I had 30 days until it expired (which wasn't true, it expired early on me) but I really didn't care because McAfee causes major problems to computers so I rather not have it on my computer. Now, I didn't want to risk removing it because if done wrong it can mess up your computer too. So I just left it on my computer expired. (I hope that's okay?) Anyway, so I needed protection so I heard people recommending spybot. I downloaded the program and everything, but when I clicked on immunization and check for it, it says most of my files were unprotected. So I click immunization and it's protecting them now. Does that mean everything's alright now? With spybot is my laptop completely safe? I really have NO idea about this stuff so I just double checking.

Oh, and one more thing. I know spybot doesn't protect against virus. What site could you recommend that's free and won't interfere with spybot and cause problems and possibly McAfee too. (it says it's expired and not running but still, just in case)

So, did that question make sense? I really hope so, I know it might be confusing, but if any of you guys know anything about this can you help me? :( It will be greatly appreciated.

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    i know

    ok great job. the immunization means it takes measures inside ur browsers ( except google chrome) which means u can be more safe. and not have a sneaky spyware leach on ur computer lol.

    free anti virus's that's easy, try iavast , avg, those are the top 2 best free ware. and while ur at it. a great fire wall that is free. try pc tools firewall. in that u get another defense over malware/spyware/trojans. real time protection is a must. means that as u do what u do. its not just turned off. but keeps an eye out as u are on computer for virus's and such.

    but keep search and destroy.

    www.download.com you can find it all there. good luck. its easy.

    make sure to scan everything and make sure u update programs b4 scans

    one more thing. uninstall the trail version either from the application in START-ALL PROGRAMS- than the program should have uninstall option. or go to CONTROL PANEL- add remove programs, select it in list and uninstall it. its clutter. don't need it

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    Yes that process that you did was great I will also recommend Malwarebytes its a good software like spybot and to me it removes more things that spybot could do as for a free antivirus try AVG

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    at home I use Spybot and Avast Home Edition its free and all you have to do is get a key number from them to get your 1 year membership but all you do is give you name and email then they email you the number, I never got a virus or spyware or any of that stuff yet, I've been using it for a couple years now.

    Used to use AVG that was good also,

    Hopefully this helps

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