How long after taking iron supplements should I wait before drinking milk?

Hi, I'm anemic, and it's lately been coming to kick me in the butt.

So I've started taking iron pills, and I know that calcium cancels out iron... but I drink A LOT of milk throughout the day.

Just wondering what a good time frame is, after taking the iron before I should start drinking milk?

I've been allowing myself small amounts of dairy after taking the iron. Figure a little won't hurt too much. Any info is helpful! Thanks! :)

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    my son is also mildly anemic. I've read you should take iron and milk at least 1-2 hours apart. You should also try considering going off cow's milk to either almond, rice, or hemp milk. The protein and calcium that blocks the iron is not as high and it's much better for you than cow;s milk. Also liquid iron supplements absorb better than pill form. Try's a natural iron supplement and actually tastes okay. Good Luck

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    Iron Supplements And Milk

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