Help with my summer homework PLEASE?

OK for my science homework it says I have to find an interesting article that could feed off testable science questions. This is what my guideline thing says:

Once an article of interest is found, write the following in the

composition book, using at least one fresh page for each article:

- Bibliographic information.

- Key terms and vocabulary (defined) from the article

- Summary of article (2-3 sentences)

- List of questions this article evokes. State into which ISEF category each

question would fit.

Example: Suppose you found an article discussing how carbon dioxide from

houseplants affects indoor air quality. You could generate several questions,

such as:

-How could plants be utilized in a space station to improve air quality?

(Space Science)

-How do plants respond to increases in carbon dioxide levels? (Botony,

Environmental Science)

-How many plants per cubic foot of house space are required to significantly

improve air quality in a sealed home? (Engineering)

-What is the financial trade-off between air quality (and how many plants it

takes to obtain it) and housing cost (size of home)? (Mathematics)

-How do elevated carbon dioxide levels affect learning environments?

(Behavioral, Medicine and Health)

so I need some article that can feed off multiple science questions PLEASE HELP ALL YOU CAN even if you just give me some good science questions I can go find an article on it PLEASE HELP

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  • 1 decade ago
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    omg u have summer homework too?

    u have a lot to do. I suggest u go online or maybe look at the books about science for help. We at Y!A cant do ur homework for you...

    Best of luck :]]

  • 1 decade ago


    You might want to go to the library and get a couple of books on science fair projects. Find out what other students have done which you may be able to build on.

    Just a thought.

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