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PLEASE who can help me translate this Russian text to English?

K vecherinke gotovila vse v poslednuiu minutu, blagodaria Joseph, no vse udalos.

Ot stressa i ustalosti do sihpor othoju. Terapia vse legche, analiz sdala, no vracha nevidela. Kak budut novosti srazu napishu. Podarok nedarila i tak mnogo potratilis a dengi nujny.

Moi usilia i vkusnyi stol byl podarkom. Jalko za tvoi serejki, a v kakih ty letela? Tim derjitsia, oni s mamoi vmeste.

Ia poslala ei otkrytku, ona poka ochen slabaia to pohorony nedelali.

Papu otvezli segodnia v krimatorii, tolko semia. Kak mame stanet legche cherez nedeli dve sdelaiut slujbu v Ferney.

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    For the party I prepared everything at the last minute, thanks to Joseph, but everything was a success (was OK).

    Because of my stress and tiredness, I am taking my rest now. The therapy is easier, I passed some analysis, but haven't seen the doctor. I didn't give any gifts, I had lots of expenses, and money is necessary.

    (I'm not sure about this) My efforts and taste were with the gifts.

    Sorry about your earrings, and with whom did you fly?

    Tim is staying, he's with his mother.

    I sent her a postcard, she's still very weak, she couldn't come to the funeral.

    We took father to the crematorium, just the family. Once mother will be better after two weeks they will do the services at Ferney.

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    Everything was done at the last minute for the party, thanks to Joseph; however, everything turned out well.

    Still recovering from stress and fatigue. Therapy is easier, took a test but did not meet with the doctor. As soon as I hear something; I will write you. I ended up not giving the gift, spent a lot of money; and that money is needed.

    My efforts and the delicious table were my gifts. Too bad about your earings, which ones did you wear on your flight?

    Tim is hanging on, both him and mom.

    I sent her a card, she is currently very weak and we did not have a funeral.

    Today, Dad was taken to crematory; only family attended. In a couple of weeks, as soon as mom gets a little better, a service will be done in Ferney.

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    The best the online translator got is this:

    For a party prepared for all in последнуиу minute, благодариа Ёсепх, but all удалос.

    From stress and weariness up to сихпор отхою. Терапиа all is easier, For a party prepared for all in последнуиу minute, благодариа Ёсепх, but all удалос.

    From stress and weariness up to сихпор отхою. Терапиа all is easier, the analysis has handed over, but the doctor невидела. As there will be news at once shall write. A gift недарила and so it is a lot of потратилис and денги нуйны.

    Mine усилиа and вкусныи the table was a gift. Ялко for yours серейки and to what you flied? Тим дерйитсиа, they with мамои together.

    Иа it has sent эи a card, while очен слабаиа that funeral неделали.

    The daddy have brought сегодниа in криматории, толко семиа. As to mum it becomes easier in weeks two сделаиут слуйбу in Фернеы

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    In the evening I got everything set to the very last minute, thanks to Joseph, but everything turned out to be good.

    ------------ I don't understand what this says... . Teraphy is going smoothly, I turned in the analysis, but I haven't seen the doctor yet.

    As soon as I have news I will let you know. I cannot send you any gift these days, I need some money.


    I got tired, I am sorry

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    it's not Russian. I tried babel fish, came back as the same thing. I also tried Greek, Italian, and Dutch.

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    ok so here's a website. its called i think.. if not u can google it and make sure it is. and then u click a box that says from russian to english. i go to this website a lot.. well i used to.. i wanted to learn spanish (: just copy and paste those russian words into the text box of it then click like translate and it'l like translate all of it for you in english. good luck! (:

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