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Magic Mushroom Flashbacks, please help me...?

About three weeks ago I went to Amsterdam and took 15 grams of Magic mushroom truffles (Psilocybe Tampanensis), I had a really bad trip, and had to go to hospital for a few hours. It took about three days to fully recover and I smoked pot and drank the whole time (stupid I know).

After getting back I continued smoking and drinking (in moderation) and then stopped for a week, after this week I smoked half a joint and had a repeat of the bad trip, I haven't completely stopped tripping since.

I am suffering from panic attacks, small cramps, head pains, anxiety and minor trip effects (none of the good ones). I haven't smoked cannabis since. Caffeine seems to make it worse, alcohol and cigarettes calm me down, but I don't know if they are helping me over all.

Is there anything I can do? My Father and cousin have suffered from Schizophrenia has this got anything to with it? I can't relax or sleep properly. Someone please help...


*Its three weeks since taking the mushrooms and I have been experiencing these effects for a week (just making it clear)

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    There are clear links between drug abuse and mental illness.

    But its really difficult to exactly access the relationship as it varies on an individual basis.

    Some say the that drugs may indeed course mental illness in people with a vulnerable genetic profile.

    Other sources say that drugs don't necessarily cause mental illness only increase the symptoms.

    However, you have damaged your brain, no one can say how long it will take to heal but it should heel with time.

    I would stop taking caffeine/alcohol/cigs as they will worsen your panic symptoms.

    Seriously, I would go to the doctors, with your family history you should not take any chances with your mental health.

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    What you need Wrath is to have a good trip to balance out the bad trips.

    Hmmm maybe a trip to Hawaii ? That would be pretty nice.

    Or try going to Disneyland - all those guy's in giant character suits is like a trip... but nicer.

    Shrooms can mess you up, but the effects are usually short term

    I had a friend who would freak out after a LSD trip from years ago.

    He would be walking along the street and all of a sudden he would think the street lamps would come alive, and like snakes try to bite him.

    Freaky huh?

    So my advice is Disneyland.

    Yup should do it.

    See two Mickeys per day, and try to get some Donald duck in there too.

    Or if you are serious- see a doctor you nut case!

    Source(s): My source is answering Wrath's questions before, and appearances are deceiving. Satire is a hard thing to pull off (Fun too) and wrath is way ahead of me in that department!
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    "whether you do drugs for the right reasons, or for the wrong reasons, they will hurt you"

    Basically what happened is you hurt your brain, just as you can hurt another part of your body. You're brain is hurt and it needs to heal. You need to stay off of drugs for a while and give your brain a rest.

    While it is not advised for people with a family history of Schizophrenia to take hallucinogens or stimulants (both can cause psychoses with repeated or excessive use) it is unlikely that you pushed yourself into a Schizophrenic episode.

    Healing your brain may take months, stay away from stimulants and hallucinogens - and you'd be wise to abstain from all drugs and alcohol. When you start feeling anxiety take slow deep breaths through your nose until you calm down.

    If you find that your anxiety is so over bearing that it is affecting your functioning, a psychiatrist may prescribe a you a low dose of clonazepam for persistent hallucinations disorder.

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    Smoke cigarettes, drink a lot of water and cranberry juice (2-3x the recommended daily amount), relax, and stay clean. Drugs and alcohol will make it worse.

    If you're still having problems after 2 weeks of that, you need to see a doctor. With a family history of schizophrenia, mushrooms and acid aren't the best idea.

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    Wow,I had a similar time about five years ago.Can't remember 2 whole days in the dam!

    Just relax,drink plenty of orange juice or high vitamin C content drink.

    Nothing to do with schizophrenia - I was buzzing for about a month all in all!!

    Source(s): Thousands of LSD and mushroom trips - some good,some bad.
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    I did wonder where you had been.

    You will be ok, you have just OD'd on LSD.

    Drink plenty of fresh orange juice and water, eat well and try to rest and sleep as much as poss.

    Nothing to do with schizophrenia, relax.

    Just a bad trip.

    Try to stay away from alcohol also, cigarettes are fine.

    LOL - Sorry, I cant help laughing....What a trip!!

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    Their is two things that you can do.

    1. Carry on taking drugs legal or illegal


    2. Realise that drugs are not good for you.

    Some people have a positive time with drugs.

    You are not one of these people.

    Give them up before they give you up.

    Do yourself a favour and learn to be happy drug free, not easy but well worth it in the long run.

    Source(s): Dabbled myself Had a freind who had a Schizophrenic mother, pushed himself to far and then he basically lost the plot and could not pull himself back.
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    I don't think so... It must be an interesting story, how'd you end up hospitalized? I didn't know you could overdose on mushrooms.

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    Don't ever do 'shrooms again, if this is what happens to you.

    You could also be getting withdrawals from weed and booze, jet lag and anything they gave you in the hospital.

    You need to cleanse your system of all intoxicants.

    It's not the sixties or seventies anymore. This generation should be accomplishing things, not sitting around playing with their brains.

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    I' am Italian student of pharmacology, talk with your doctor, the psilocipe can cause a mind problem

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