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should i write my soon to be ex husband while he is in jail?

my soon to be ex husband went to jail for drugs and not checking in with hie probation officer and he wants me to write him should i or what help me please


should i write the man that will be my ex after he lied to me saying he wasnt doing drugs and the person that broke my son's arm twice. we have no kids together i was pregent when he got with me and he put his name on the brith certificate that i think i should take off

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    Of course you should write to your soon to be ex husband. Write to him and enclose the divorce papers. And if you can prove he assaulted your son, you may want to disclose that to the district attorney. That should add some time to his sentence. Otherwise, don't contact him. As for taking his name off of the birth certificate, you are probably going to need a dna paternity test to prove he isn't the father. You are going to need a lawyer. Get one. Take care.

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    He broke your sons arm twice, and still you stayed with him.

    You've decided to split, only after he's been jailed for drugs.You could have been emotionally dependent on him, and his incarceration has made it easy for you to take the decision of breaking up.

    If your decision is final, you would not him to have an emotional hold on you through the letters.

    There is no reason you need to write back, if you do not want to continue the relationship at all.

    If you are thinking of giving him another chance(which I think is dangerous, as you both can go back to the same pattern of dependency), maybe you should wait till you are sure that he has reformed completely, and he has established himself as a stable and hard working man.

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    No you don't write to him. I would never speak to the man again after he hurt my child. That child is depending on you to protect him, and if you write to him he will think that you still care and will bother you after he gets out. You should also have an order of protection for your son so he can never go around him again. If he isn't the father than take his name off the birth certificate and put the real guys name on there.

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    Probably cause she is delusional, unhappy with her life, and has too much time on her hands. If she has not stopped after all these years, she probably wont unless you speak to her sternly, no yelling or acting as childish as she is. With myspace and facebook you can block a person which is quite handy and set the security level so that she cannot see photos or look at your information . Speak with your in-laws and let her know that you are uncomfortable with the situation. Create a diary and time/date the times she has approached you/ family. Warn her that if she does not stop you will be pursuing a restraining order, worst case scenario consult a lawyer.

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    are you angry about the divorce, or is this something that you have been wanting? If your goal with the divorce is to get rid of him, then under no circumstances should you write the man. He has landed himself there on his own and he's not your responsibility any more. You are not required to be his friend. However, if you two ended your marriage on a good note and you are still friends, then what harm will it do? he is in a place where friends are few and far between.

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    If he broke your sons arm once on purpose that was too much. if it was twice why are you even thinking about keeping contact with the man the abused your child!!!!! Put whatever distance you can between you and him as fast as you can. If you love your kid you MUST DO THIS!!!

    Good Luck To You!

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    I wouldn't have anything to do w/him any longer. Get him out of your life for good, out of your mind for good, put him in your past & leave him there. Go forward not backward & don't look back. It's over & done with so just cut all ties w/him for good. You'll find someone who was meant to be for you, & you'll have a happy brighter future. Give yourself time, but just KNOW things are going to get better now...Best to you...:)

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    why would wanna keep in contact with him? after he gets out will you take him back or what?

    so he broke ur son's arm twice and you still wanna talk to him..

    if i were you i would take my kid and freaking run as fast and as far as possible... get away from him

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    Personally, I wouldn't. I'm going thru the same thing, and as far as I'm concerned, my soon-to-be ex-husband deserves nothing from me after the way he treated me.

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    don't waste your time writing a letter with the soon to be ex...that term is so BS

    get off your rear end and make him an ex...

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