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What Type of women did Michael Jackson go for?

I am just curious... because he normally goes for tall or reallllly skinny women? Like Tatiana Thumbzen (spelling xP) ..he went for looks didn't he?

No haterz or i will report ya's! =]

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    he said he liked girls with 'big brown eyes, not to loud not to quiet'

    and he liked girls who were kind and caring.

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    I think he liked girls with attitude. Because apparently Debbie Rowe what we've seen of her she's kind of a hag, and Lisa Marie seemed to have this eff off look to her all the time, and even though he wasn't "with" tatiana, she seemed a little off. And not all his women were tall, Lisa Marie is fairly short [5'2]. I think he just loves all women??

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    I dont think he cared about looks because he had relationships with a wide range of woman i think he cared personality the most and I know he liked girls who could relate with him like Brooke Shields because they were both childhood stars He was much inspired by Diana Ross Loves Elizabeth as a friend. He did say one time that it broke his heart to see Lisa Marie Presley married and he believed it shouldve been him(this is after they got divorced) I hands down believe he wanted personality and love but something always got in the way even Michael himself said that

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    Ones with willys

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    Well their personality was really important to him I think he specially wanted someone that cared for him and someone who was always going to be there for him ohh and Steve I think what you like is not the same as what he likes ok?

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    Lols yes its quite interesting. But i personally think he doensn't really care bout type. He like a women then he would date her. But I guess maybe he liked a tall with strong characteristic and smart woman.

    I dont think he would go for a stereotype stupid silly girl.

  • He dated Stephanie Mills and Tatum O'Neal, who both were quite plump women. He didn't date Tatiana. I've actually got her book and she said they never dated. But I recommend buying it. Really good book.

    Debbie Rowe, again, was quite round. Lisa Marie and Brooke Shields were quite skinny.

    Basically, I don't think he really cared.

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    he said long legs an hazel eyes

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    he liked looks and good personalities.

    but i think the personalities more than looks.

    i think the went for any girl that made him happy!

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    !to my understanding, the only women Michael Jackson inspired, were, Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor!

    all other women, he may have liked to be with, never could have been possible! it was never possible for him to choose a woman and marry and stay with her forever!

    his best friend was Elizabeth Taylor, the beautiful and a wonderful woman!!!

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