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Compression socks and plane travel?

Anybody has experience and recommendations on compression socks for people who travel a lot?

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    compression socks are also called "support socks."

    Many different brands carry this feature it helps to circulate the blood flow to and from your feet.

    My favorite brand is Hanes- and you find this at any Kohl's store or Kmart. you can also check online at:

  • larry
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    Sleep. Really. Even if the in-flight film is excellent, and a double-function, and you have got three books, an iPod and a Nintendo, you are going to be bored to tears. Ask your surgeon for Ambien or a identical drowsing tablet if you want. Otherwise you'll be depressing. And do not drink so much alcohol due to the fact the extra you drink, the extra commonly you need to rise up to pee. (I do experience crossword puzzles inflight and so they do cross the time effectively however on a 17-hour flight... yikes! I desire he paid for top quality!)

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