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Healing after Emotional Abuse...?

After being emotional/verbally/psychologically abused for several does one completely heal from it and get themselves back? Part of emotional abuse, is to kill the victim emotionally, bring the person down as much as possible to no prevail, until the person no longer knows/trusts/recognizes and has lost themselves. That way the abuser can have better control.

So how does a person recover from this? What types of therapy assist in helping the victim get their life back and assist in finding the person they used to be before the abuse?

person they used to be, meaning: what made them, THEM

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    You can never fully heal after emotional abuse. You can always put it behind you, but it'll never go away.

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    There is no way to FULLY heal from this kind of abuse, as it is something you will always remember. However, it can get better. Finding yourself again will be hard but it is possible. Think back to before the abuse. What did you enjoy doing? What were your habits? Who were your friends? What was your schedule for the day? It's simple things that can unlock the key to remembering who YOU is. if you dont feel you can make this journey alone, you can find a therapist, or a very supportive friend, and just talking things through can help, although professionals can give you better treatment and help you to discover more about yourself. Hope I helped

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    prove them wrong or try to prove them wrong i guess.

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