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有冇d咩外國片係講mma or kick boxing??

類似never back down呢套戲咁


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    搏擊會 Fight Club

    生死格鬥 DOA: Dead or Alive

    暴力特區 Banlieue 13

    地獄搜查線 Logan's War: Bound by Honor

    擊情 Million Dollar Baby

    拼命戰羊 The Wrestler

    拳霸 Ong Bak

    擊動深情 Cinderella Man

    洛奇 Rocky

    毀滅戰士 Doom

    罪惡城 Sin City

    Fighting 2009 (新戲)

    不死狗 Danny The Dog

    聖路 A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

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