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How can i get pretty hair like this girl???

This girl on youtube has beautiful hair but, shes mixed and im not HELP!!!!!!!!!! how can ii grow my hair like this. thnx : )

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    Okay well if some of these things seem sort of you know weird They actually work :]

    -Okay you could get a really good relaxer, and that would make your hair lay flat, but it might be damaging which would stop your hair from growing.

    -You also could get a good relaxer, and weave :]. That way your hair would lay flat, and your hair will as long as you want. Although I wouldn't recommend getting it to long because it seems a bit fake after awhile. I would say no more than 16 in. Also only human hair it won't look very real if it's not, or if you get a cheap brand.

    -You could get a front lace wig. Which might sound real, but it really isn't it looks completely real, but you would have to wear your hair out for as long as you wear it. (No ponytails, and it is a good one which I would recommend $250).

    This is a video of its application, and you'll also see the finished look. Their are more styles instead of that, and their are different lenghts too.

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    -You could get a full lace wig which altogether shipping,application, and itself would cost a little more that $350. You could fine cheaper ones of course, but wouldn't be as good. I am assuming. You could also find a store that has them in stock which would lower the price a little. I know it's quite expensive, but it's like the front lace wig, but you can put it in a ponystail, and do what ever you want to it. Also many celebs of all races, and genders where them. Including Beyonce, Tyra, Jennifer Hudson etc. They are very undetactable.


    Front Lace:

    Full Lace:

    Even doing that you can barely see it. Also unless you knew what you were looking for you would have no idea it was there. Also you can cover that with baby hair which you can include which I also included into the price up there.

    Another Full Lace:

    Okay I hope this helped! :]

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