Corrupted/messed up Computer?

I own a 4 year old Acer computer that runs on Windows XP, and it has been having problems lately. It appeared to load up okay then was informed to restart computer, this is where the problem started. It would go no further than the second screen i.e. before Windows logo? So I shut down using the power button.

When it started up, the message was something like "if windows or power interrupted highlight one of the follows:

1. safe mode

2. safe mode command prompt

3. last known good configuration

4. safe mode network

I tried them all - no go. Safe mode only got to a page where it had a list of drivers on, but then it sat there and died. Computer kept rebooting but got nowhere. I checked all the wiring is okay and not loose or unplugged in any way. I went to all the options, no go. I recovered the computer with my factory settings disks, but after a while of usage, the computer turned the same way again, almost dead, so I do the same process, recovering the computer.

Any suggestions of what this could be? I am going to take this to a computer technician to find out what is wrong, but I want to get an idea of the problem. Why did it suddenly turn this way after many years of smooth usage? Even after several rebooting and recoveries of my computer, it always ends up half dead. Also when I try to download things, the computer claims the files are corrupt? What do I do?

Thank you!

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    do not take it to a technician! they will rob you dry to do the same thing you could do on your own in an hour!

    im pretty sure you have a bootsector virus, which is no bueno...

    here is what you do:

    1. VERY IMPORTANT- copy anything important to you to another location i.e flash drive, another hard drive etc...

    if you have no knowledge of computer hardware, i would download ubuntu, which is a free version of linux and run it as a live cd.

    from there you can access everything on your hard drive to copy it onto some external storage.

    2. once you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you got EVERYTHING that is important, locate the cd that came with the computer. if it is a laptop,

    generally they do not come with one, which leaves you with 3 options:

    -install ubuntu on your hard drive and make sure you format the ENTIRE drive (it will by default)

    -go out and purchase another fine microsoft product *cough cough*

    xp again, vista, or windows 7 (out to general public next month)

    - download a pirated version and use that. (which i do not recommend..... for the sake of this post at least...)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Safe mode can take 5 or 6 minutes to load the page of drivers you saw was the loading page. start the computer choose safe mode and go and have a drink or a cup of coffee and it will probably have loaded when you get back.

    If windows loses One byte of code it collapses it happens all the time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds to me like maybe your hard drive is dying. They don't last forever anyway, and when you start having problems like that, it's a good indication that it may be happening. There are some tools you can use to test your hard drive to see if it's good or if somethings going wrong with it. Check the source for some info on it.

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  • nodell
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  • 1 decade ago

    Run a utility diagnostic to see if the hardware is okay

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