For the super cheap people!?

how to make utilities (phone, internet, car) pay for them selves and any other advice on being frugal.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Josi
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    1 decade ago
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    Not sure how to make utilities pay for themselves. I am frugal, but if I'm cold, I turn up the heat until I'm comfortable and if I'm hot, I turn down the AC.

    That said, you can save a ton of money while shopping for essentials. Coupons in every Sunday paper are awesome. Many stores double them (some just up to 1.00). The savings add up if the coupon is for something you would buy anyway. Often, the store brand is a better deal and just as good.

    Also, online shopping can save you money. has a free 90 day trial right now on a program that gives you free 2nd day shipping and 3.99 next day. But you have to cancel before the trial is over to avoid the 79.99 annual fee.

    Keep a shopping list on your refrigerator so you can write things that you need down before you run out to save you from making frequent visits to the grocery store or a gas station where you will buy more than you need.

    Best wishes!!

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