I need help with the name or artist of this song?

Ok I have no idea how it goes.
All i know is the film clip is situated in a launderette( public laundry) and the girl is singing about a guy. Something along the lines of 'I want to be that girl you met at the launderette.
Any help appreciated!!
Update: Nope not the one. Its defiantly not in the metal era, and it a fairly new song
Update 2: Ok more detail. girl is the only one singing.
Her voice is kinda husky.
The film clip is ONLY at the laundry.The Aria Music Show
Update 3: None of the answers are the one im looking for. I was half asleep when i heard it, wished i payed more attention
Update 4: FOUND IT!!
Its Lisa Mitchell Coin Laundry
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