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Is there any really good movie makers and recordable videos that are free to download off a site?

I RELE NEED UR HELP!! i really want to be able to make really good youtube videos. i dont wanna buy anything at the store and i dont wanna get a mac. i have a hp pavillion. and whenever i record videos off of my webcam it makes it so that when i watch it my mouth is moving but my voice is not with it. and i dont know how to fix that. so is there any downloadable movie makers anjd recorable videos that are free to download off a site? thanks

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    i agree wit JB.

    But also... what's worked for me (i have asked around my self)....

    Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 FREE

    Free DVD Creator v2

    I mean these programs a free (great), easy (great), fast (great. i mean it'll be done in 20 min to 25 min.)


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    You should have windows movie maker on your system already, it can edit your voice so it becomes in sync.

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