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Why do so many people in this section have Confederate flags in their profile pictures?

And do they consider themselves to be “patriots” and “real Americans” despite this?


I never said or implied that they don’t have the right to do so, I implied that they shouldn’t because it’s wrong, like any other hate speech.

Also, to those who are saying that it’s part of our history, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good part or that we should embrace it. The Nazi flag is part of Germany’s history, but they tend to be ashamed of it and don’t usually go around displaying it.

ashamed of it and don’t usually go around displaying it.

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    1. The flag you're referring to is not the "Confederate flag," it's the "rebel flag."

    This is the Confederate flag: http://www.federationofstates.org/images/flagArtic...

    This is the rebel flag: http://www.damnynke.com/confederateFlag.jpg

    This is a really common mistake that I'm getting tired of correcting.

    2. Flying the "rebel flag" has nothing to do with race or the Civil War, apart from the fact that it was derived from the Confederate flag.

    If you're not from the South, you probably don't understand the rebel flag, and you probably never could. The flag is displayed as a symbol of pride for the southeastern region of the United States. That's all it means. Period.

    The South is culturally a different place from the rest of the country (for better and for worse, IMO), and many people look down their nose at the South, and dismiss all of its residents as "stupid rednecks" (look no further than Chuck N's answer to this same question, which summarily dismisses Southerners as "uneducated simpletons"). In spite of being about as far from a "redneck" as one can get, I too am labeled as this just for having been born in Mississippi. Therefore, I sometimes defiantly display a rebel flag. The same reason I respond with pro-American sentiment when encountered with overseas anti-Americanism, I also state my love for the South when others knock it.

    The Nazi analogy is pretty weak, since nobody expects modern Germans to disown their nation. However, it is politically incorrect today to even be FROM the South, unless you take strides to lose your accent and take on an accepting, "Gee shucks" attitude whenever someone else calls you a "redneck." The fact that the rebel flag has, in effect, NOTHING to do with slavery or the Civil War makes the swastika analogy even weaker. Not to mention that slavery and genocide aren't even on the same level of evil to begin with....

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    Because they're friggin' ignorant: what they're displaying was, first, a naval ensign, and only later was it adopted as a battle flag. It is not and never was the Confederacy's national flag. There were actually four, starting with the "bonny blue flag" and progressing through the First, Second and Third National flags - none of which depict the St. Andrews cross - and despite repeated stupid remarks from these racist rednecks, the battle flag is not the "Stars and Bars"...but Conservatives never have been praiseworthy for their knowledge of American history or civics...

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    Civil War was about states rights, despite liberals race baiting as usual. Some people view the confederate flag as a symbol of constitutional states rights that Lincoln usurped

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    I don't know. I was wondering that too.

    But I do have to say that I agree with most things they're saying. So far, I haven't heard anyone suggest we kill African-Americans or lynch anyone so ... I don't think it's a problem. Not necessarily in the best taste, but allowable just the same.

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    All you "nice" folks that call us Rednecks,Hillbillies, and much worse need to remember, those you call those names are white/black/red/yellow, and get along just fine without your "help". So call us what you will but always remember,

    You need us a lot more than we need YOU!

    If it wasn't for us hillbillies working in the mines, You would be in the Dark

    If it wasn't for us Rednecks working in the fields, you would be hungry.

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    I think it has something to do with the idea of seceding from the union. and individual state rights. I personally think it's a bad idea because it's been associated with racism so much that is probably the message it's sending, rather than the intended message of liberty. With so little knowledge of history, most people don't know what it stands for aside from racism.

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    I've only seen about 3 people with a Confederate flag in their avatar. That's hardly "so many people."

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    My guess would be there are some state's rights issues they are conveying. Considering only the negative connotations to the flag is a knee-jerk reaction, ignoring the history behind it.

    The swastika is also a symbol of peace in other cultures.

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    Its that stupid feud of north vs south that never died. There are still people in the south who think that they are better than people in the north. And they had the nerve to talk about the rappers back in the day and all that east coast vs west coast crap lol.

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    I'm not understanding why you are attacking an individual on Y!A. These questions of your are starting to sound like rants. Isn't that against Y!A policy?

    Isn't this like cyberbullying? cough.

    Perhaps you need to be turned in...I need to see if your rants are with in the guide lines.

    There is no way to your question because it is not really a question it's more like a string of rants against one of the users' on Y!A.

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