Online Baseball Games. reviews of Pure Baseball, Diamond Mind, Baseball Mogul & OOP Baseball?

I am looking for reviews of any of one of these games. Pure Baseball, Diamond Mind, Baseball Mogul or OOP Baseball.

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    Baseball Mogul is a terrific game. At 20 bucks, it is a bargin. They are suppose to offer an online version where you can play head to head against other managers. Salary cap, teams and rosters from 1901 to present. You have the option of starting the season any year you like play a hundred years of baseball. You can play with the real players or have the computer generate made up players. You can set ticket prices, build new stadiums etc. The graphics game play could be made be better, but overall, I have spent hours playing the game. Diamond Mind 29 dollars, was kind of clunky and seemed outdated. When I played it, the computer simulated all games.

    Pure Baseball I played for a few years. Price depends on how many teams you have. You keep your team year after year. You play the game against the computer, but the opposing manager sends his lineups to you. It has the potential to be an excellent game if it were not for terrible customer service. Most online games whether it be Yahoo Fantasy Baseball or any other baseball game with live managers, you can contest one sided trades or friends helping friends trades.. Not in Pure Baseball. The customer service person who is also the commissioner tells you to quit if you question his decision on trades. Last time I looked at the game, it looks like that is what a lot of people have done. The leagues are filled with unmanaged teams.

    OOP Baseball demo looked good but I was never able to get it to work properly. It kept freezes my computer up. And I am not going to dish out 40 bucks if I can't try it out.

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    I love Baseball Mogul. I spent hours playing the game. I love starting a season with players I grew up with and play year after year until the present day season. I did not here that the game may go to online play. I have to look into that. Diamond Mind was ok as was Dynasty Baseball, which is not listed in original question. I went to Out Of Park OOP Baseball web site several times trying to download the game, but it never works. Maybe they no longer exist. Pure Baseball I played years ago when it still used the APBA Baseball player discs. I loved playing the game back then. It was as exciting as opening day when the new players disc came out in the spring. Then new management took over and things went downhill from there. New management was to confrontational with team owners and to many vacant teams without managers to be much fun. I still enjoy an occasional Stratomatic and APBA Baseball game, but both these games are very dated.

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    1. How is your favorite team doing this season? My Bronx Bombers are atop the Al east by 7 games, with the best record in the MLB and WS bound. 2. If they are struggling, what is the one thing you think they should do to turn it around? If they aren't struggling, do you think they will keep it up? They aren't the Mets, so they'll keep it up. 3. When do you think your team will win the World Series? This year. 4. Do you like watching MLB games or playing in your own baseball/softball games more? Both are loads of fun. 5. If you couldn't like your favorite team anymore, who do you think you would like next? Probably the Phillies, right across the Delaware River 6. Do you think there should be a salary cap in baseball? No, if owner's rich, its not his problem. 7. What moment in your team's history stands out the most in your mind? When the yanks pulled off a walkoff win at old yankee stadium against the rangers after being down 10-1 and 9-0. It was 5-16-06 8. World Series Game 7, 2 outs bottom of the 9th, your team is down by 1, who do you want (from your team) up to bat? Easily Derek jeter

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    They have some reviews for the games you mention at gamespot.

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