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Democrats, did you know that your party was made by the Satanic Illuminati seeking a One World Government?

Carl Marx wrote that democracy leads to socialism, the fact stated above is true, but not that it somehow puts republican politicians in a better light with Bush's involvement in Skulls and Bones secret society that is famous for it's satanic rituals, like the notorious coffin ritual, and other presidents, like Clinton, Nixon, and Carter paying a visit to the Bohemian Grove, participating in the "mock" Babylonian sacrifice to Melech called the Cremation of Care. Thus explaining the owl on your dollar bill, the pyramid, the occurrence of the number 13, the eagle, all masonic, all satanic.

Research the New World Order.

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"It doesn't matter who the people vote for, they always vote for us."

- Stalin (Illuminati)

"In politics, nothing is accidental; if it happens, be sure it was planned this way."

-Roosevelt (33rd Degree Freemason, Illuminati)


All you people denying these facts need to go back to your bubble and turn on your TV

Update 2:

Yeah, Republicans are in on it also, Supreme Court Justices and Royalty all have been seen at the Bohemian Grove.

CFR, Bilderberg Group, I bet you people think the "Fed" is Federal, when its a privately owned institution by Rockefellers and Rothschilds, who have admitted to a One World Government.

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    So are the Republicans and some members of congress. Thanks for trying to wake up the sheep. Some people are clueless.

    Watch out for the ones who try to convince you they are fighting the NWO. They might be part of the NWO. For example the 911 Truth movement was started by the illuminati. It's called reverse psychology. The United States of America is being set up as the bad guy. The agenda is to close down the biggest consuming corporation known as the United States of America... That's how you create a NWO.

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    God danm commies trying to makdes me give the money for the heelth care. I know, I know what they's doing, giving's my monies to the commies, why do you think the chineese got so strong, cause the commies here in the America steal the moneies and give them to the chineses. GOD DAMN, I nearly dyed for this countires, and now I watch the commies kill it all for free heelth care, I pays mys heelth cares, I tell ya. They control our heelth care, next things theel controls yure mines. It's how the commies work. GOD BELSS AMERICA.

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    Ok. So you have no idea what socialism is and you're acting like a prophet?

    Carl Marx? What the phuck? How ignorant are you?

    KARL. With an K.

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    No.First, it's Karl (with a K) Marx.

    Second you left out the Skull and Bones.

    Third, this is really old stuff.

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  • Adam S
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    1 decade ago

    That's nice, dear. Why don't you go sit by the window and stare at the duck pond until the nurses bring your meds?

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    yup. 2 pts for me.

    too bad satanism is only 43 yrs old.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, and you still believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

  • BigDog
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    1 decade ago

    Make sure to get yours while they still have them available.

  • ash
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    1 decade ago

    Really? Satanic? With pentacles and black candles and all that stuff? Wow.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    those quotes and the end are so true

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