IG or sanwya 3ama normal?

please help me I don't know

want u r opinion

don't know what to enter

so scared from sanawya 3ama and think IG has less depress and better management

but I am not perfect at english also hear that people in it are not very good so won't have friends like me

what do you think

I really don't know

also if you know something about american deploma I am curious about it


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  • 1 decade ago
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    IG is better for your mind and to be well educated, but you have to be good in English and use to understand topics not just to keep it in memory and recall it.

    I believe it's better than the American diploma and Snawaya 3amma. If you want it to socialize or if you think it needs less effort, you are making a big mistake. You can say it's more organized or specialized or at least more fair, but the Egyptian regulations will treat you later like a traitor.

    From all the non-Egyptians certificates {IG,American diploma, Saudi, Kuwaiti ...etc} they take only 2% in each faculty. This 2% is not enough to accept everybody. The 2% preferred according to their higher grades.

    Example if 1000 all certificates non-Egyptians apply for faculty of Engineering and the faculty 2% = 50 space only, they will take the highest 50 grades.

    You have to check the conditions required by the faculties you wish to go in the future and the grades required first. Each field require certain subjects and minimum grades to apply. The system of acceptance is different than sanawya 3ama, so be careful to know everything about it before you do anything.

    You can check the Egyptian regulations concerning this topic in El Magles El a3la lelgam3at [المجلس الأعلى للجامعات]

    Good luck

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    whether its IGSCE or american once u don't start the system from kindergarten ur never going to manage and u will end up taking many extra lessons(were u shouldn't cuz already the school fee is too much) and u will get bad grades and then u will never be able to switch to sanwaya 3ama!!

    so if u don't start the system from a very small age.. u will not be able to manage and plus if ur english is not good ur not going to understand the teachers and books and the subject english will be too hard on u!! so its nothing about having friends...

    so think about it but sanawaya 3ama is better... i had to go thru the same choice and i choose sanawaya 3ama cuz of wat i told u ... also many people i know went thru the same experience and they couldn't manage so they ended up failing one year!!

    trust me sanwaya 3ama is good for u and i know that its a stupid system but its better than the others.. and its not that hard once u understand the subjects well...

    Good Luck ;))

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  • A''mrO
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    1 decade ago

    well so I was at normal .. sanaweya 3ama wel 7md llah gebt magmo3 we da5alt handaset el kahera .. it's not that hard as u hear .. you have to study alot and go with good teachers .. like(Ashraf Labib ...Chemistry)and (Mohammed Sa3ed ....english) and (REDA 3ATEYA .....French)also (Abo-bakr el sedek......Arabic)...that's if you are from faysal or el haram or el mohandesen ... begad lw enty mashya kewayes m3a el modaresen dol hatgeby elly enty 3ayza w zyada ..

    so recommend Sanaweya 3ama ... bec. IG needs strong english

    make ur descision so fast .. lazem tebda2y deros badry ..God be with u ...

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