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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicClassical · 1 decade ago

movies like: copying beethoven / the legend of 1900 / the pianist?

hi, could you please name movies like copying beethoven or the legend of 1900 or the pianist that is about classical musicians?



I also have watched The Red Violin and The Soloist

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  • petr b
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Tous les matins du monde: about a 17th century viola da gamba player, moving story, gorgeous period music on period instruments, superb production values - highly recommend.

    Farinelli: biopic of the reknowed Italian Castrati singer, Haendel // Visually sumptuous film, good story, great and interesting music, again with period instruments used in the score, fine production values. Recommend.

    Russell: Mahler / The music lovers - Tchaikovsky

    Russell's films are always hall-marked with his over-the-top and particularly British in-your-face sensationalist manner. The Music lovers is pretty damn good and it may be hard to take - not a pretty tale, but, I recommend it. I found the Mahler film more seriously pretentious, but also recommend it.

    Russell also made "Lisztomania," a romp where Liszt is portrayed as a Mick Jagger of his day (probably played by Mick Jagger in the film. I have no idea if the movie is bearable or terrific....)

    Amadeus: Milos Forman's terrific film biopic on Mozart based on the equally excellent play by Peter Shaeffer. Tremendous, though I do wish all the music had been on period instruments.

    Impromtu: Chopin, Georges Sand, Franz Liszt and the Countess Marie D'agoult; A fun fictional romp loosely built on a few facts. Definately an entertainment, not a real drama or much informative. Very nice production values. Recommend, but maybe not at all what you are looking for.

    Immortal beloved: Beethoven - wild man Gary Oldman plays the agonized composer, in this speculative story about who, exactly, was Beethoven's mystery 'immortal beloved.' Fair to less, C- .

    Hilary and Jackie: Biopic of Jacqueline du Pres, the great cellist who died young of M.S. More maudlin melodrama than a good film about music and a musician. I was not engaged and found it dreary - too much melodrama. Cannot recommend.

    Shine: absolutely dreadful film, with little or nothing to recommend it. (imho). See it if you want the cliche about genius and madness once again wrongly re-inforced (enforced).

    Two Operas on film I would recommend going out of your way to find, watch or own:

    Verdi: La Traviata, directed by Franco Zeffirelli; with Placido Domingo, Teresa Stratas. Fine film the greatest singers, and great musical and visual production.

    Bergman: Die Zauberflote; Mozarts beloved The Magic Flute, beautifully filmed as if it were produced in a small antique opera house. Sung in Swedish (one of the few acceptible translations from German that still sound well when sung), the film of this opera is a complete delight.

    I thought both The Red Violin and 1900 were wonderful. They indirectly say great things about music and music-making.

    best regards, petr b.

    P.s. re: The copying Beethoven: I thought the movie pretty dreadful, with far too many unsurprising cliche moments in what was presented and the 'spin' put on the content, but it does focus on the pivotal period when the great composer was going deaf.

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  • 4 years ago

    1900 Pianist

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  • Robin
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Yes, I like Beethoven, the composer and pianist.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You might have seen this already, but Immortal Beloved is another very fine movie about Beethoven and the famous letter he wrote to a mystery woman. Gary Oldman is superb in it. I'd strongly reccommend it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Red Violin or The Soloist :)

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