Can anyone name a few R&B songs?

Can anyone name a few R&B songs that have a similar or the same beat and melody to them?

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    1 decade ago
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    *****************Ok, here we go:

    luther vandross- dance with my father

    michael jackson - she's out of my life

    janet jackson - let's wait a while

    carol king - so far away

    anita baker- sweet love

    tlc - damaged

    boyz ii men- i'll make love to you

    brenda russell - if only for one night

    major harris - love won't let me wait

    tlc - dear lie

    james taylor - don't let me be lonely tonight

    michae franks - lady wants to know

    aaliyah -one in a million

    billy joel - just the way you are

    toni braxton- best friend

    james ingram - she loves me

    dan hill - sometimes when we touch

    samantha sang & bee gees - emotion

    grover washington, jr. - just the two of us

    christopher cross - arthur's theme

    toto - rosanna

    spandau ballet - true

    bobby caldwell - heart of mine

    whitney houston- run to you

    mariah carey - my all

    bryan mcknight - back at one

    all 4 one - i can love you like that

    usher - burn

    toni braxton- another sad love song

    boyz ii men - on bended knee

    anita baker - noone in the world

    brenda russell- piano in the dark

    kenny loggins - forever

    smokwy robinson - being with you

    michael jackson & paul mccartney - the girl is mine

    george michael - kissing a fool

    tlc - waterfalls

    beverly craven- promise me

    boyz ii men - a song for mama

    beverly knight - shoulda woulda coulda

    whitney houston- i believe in you and me

    mariah carey 6 luther vandross - endless love

    alicia keys- if i ain't got you

    usher feat alicia keys- my boo

    bryan mcknight - one last cry

    toni braxton - another sad love song

    alicia keys- if i ain't got you

    *******good luck!

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