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I want to sing but i can't?

I'm 17 and ever since i was a little kid i wanted to be the lead singer in a band. I can't sing. I can't sing the right tune. The only song that i can sing to the correct tune is tell me something i don't know, by selena gomez. I can't afford signing lessons. I sound really bad when i sing. I'm practicing. I think i'm tone deaf. Will playing an instrument help me? I'm getting a guitar for christmas. I have one but its broken, i broke it a week after i got it. The guy said its not worth it to fix it.

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    It's a fact that anyone who is capable of speaking and breathing correctly is capable of singing. Even if you have never sung well before, you can still sing like a pro. And it's truly possible to do so in less in a year.

    I don't believe that no one can sing. Technically, it's because you're doing a lot of things wrong that is hindering you from singing well but that doesn't mean you were made that way.

    I honestly use to sound so bad and I use to try sooo hard to sing and I use to get made fun of. But now, I can sing sooo much better I sound like a pro. I can sing anything I want in any language easily and effortlessly.

    I can't teach you how to sing all in one paragraph but I can give you some useful tips:

    -never push, force, or use ANY unnatural force, I don't care what it is, don't do it if it makes you to force any muscles

    -use MORE air for LOW notes and LESS air for HIGH notes

    -never harden or purse the lips for any notes or any words, no matter how high or low the note is

    -never imitate anyone's voice or a sound quality you're going after (called speech level singing)

    -never make the jaw to open hard, big, or wide especially on high notes..this is also considered as "unnatural force" also but you do need to have your mouth open but only as much as it takes to speak the word

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    One of the most diverse muscles in our bodies is the tongue. This amazing tool not only helps you talk, but also helps you properly sing. When you sing, it is important that your tongue rest in specific areas as certain notes or scales are attempted. Learn here how to sing

    The tip of the tongue is the easiest to control, but is not what is used the most in singing. When you sing, the tip of your tongue should be lightly pressed against the back of the lower teeth. This will ensure that it doesn't get in the way, or hinder the middle, sides, or back of the tongue when attempting certain notes. The back of the tongue, probably one of the hardest areas to control, should be the section that is relaxed. Once you get used to keeping the tip of your tongue lightly pressed against the back of your teeth, this should be easier to do. You can even put the tip a little lower if you feel it's in the way or becomes irritated. So, the back of the tongue should be relaxed, yet ready for use. You should be able to control it a little bit at this point. As you practice singing a little more, try to notice what the back and middle section of your tongue are doing. On lower tones or notes, the tongue will lie flat. On higher tones, the contrary. When it comes to lower tones, the tongue doesn't have as much work to do because the lower sound that is emitted originates in the chest cavity and is formed through the throat. With higher tones, however, the higher the tone, the more 'active' this back section of the tongue must be. Now that the tongue has been covered in some detail, it should be noted that singing is difficult on the muscles and surrounding cavities and ligaments. However, difficult does not mean painful. If in hopes of reaching a certain tone or trying to hold a sound, you thereby cause stress to your neck or throat muscles, you are not going to last long. Controlling these muscles, as steadily as possible, and working them to a certain point each day, without strain, is one of the most important factors when it comes to practicing and learning how to sing. Remember, you should never feel pain nor strain.

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    I Just Want To Sing

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    I'd suggest a piano to help learn the basic 'tones',

    otherwise I was going to suggest finding a voice coach or singing lessons..sometimes local places can be at a reasonable price.

    It always help to practice too..try songs you find difficult to exercise your voice. It might sound strange, but it's helpful. Warming up your voice is always a good idea..

    Good luck! (:

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  • Take Choir at church or school as an elective or you can get a piano, doesn't matter really what kind, you can get a keyboard. Helps you sing different scales do,re,mi,fa,sol, la, ti ,do. It will help you after you get used to hearing the piano getting in to tune. Drink lots of water too, and don't be afraid to sing, relax, you will soon see progress. Maybe get something to record your voice with so you know what kind of goals to reach.

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    you could always look on youtube or a different website because sometimes there are online singing lessons. I listed a site at the source box, if you don't like that site you can just look up free singing lessons on google.


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