What is the major debate for Universal Health Care?

It's been in the news recently, and i don't know what both sides are arguing. Can someone please explain, and list pros and cons.

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    -Less corporations making money off of insurance, and refusing 'experimental' treatment, and cutting people off of their insurance once they get extremely sick

    -providing everyone in the U.S. with healthcare, which would, in theory, decrease the amount of taxes people pay...because some people go to the hospital without health insurance, and then skip out on the bill because they can't afford it...which is left for taxpayers to pay. If everyone has health insurance, taxpayers wouldn't have to worry about paying off their bills.

    -Overall, great program. We are the only developed nation that doesn't have universal healthcare.


    Privatized health care companies are paying people to go to these town hall meetings and start erroneous rumors like people wouldn't get treated for glaucoma until they went blind in one eye.

    -all rumors!

  • Millie
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    1 decade ago

    Think on this, and draw your own conclusion:

    --The government has no right to force everybody to use their health plan and that's what they are planning to do. Where are the Constitutional Rights in this equation????????

    --If the health plan they will offer if SO GOOD, why the president, his family, and the Congress will not use it...???????????

    --WE, the ones opposed to it, know how to read, we understand what we read, and we have been reading for years and years the problems that other countries, like Canada and Great Britain, with government run plans are having. They have to wait years for appointments regardless of the condition they are suffering, many die without medical attention.

    --The government health plan will cover illegals, who *do not* pay taxes. NO, they do not pay taxes, they do not pay federal and/or state taxes, and the sales taxes they pay are not even enough to pay for the energy that one single traffic light consumes because they have a very low purchasing power, so what they pay in sales tax is practically nothing.

    --The government health plan will cover abortions, that is exactly the same as approving murder.

    --Exactly the people who *do not* pay taxes are the ones that will benefit the most from the government health plan, while the ones who pay taxes will have to pay twice for their health insurance: pay for a private one to get good health service; and pay the raise in taxes to cover the health insurance for those who *do not* pay taxes.

    --The Postal Service, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, the public school system, just to name a few services run by the government, are a complete disaster or in bankrupt and they want to run another one, this time where lives will be on the line?????

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    Its that people don't want a Public Option don't want the Government Taking Care of them, well they don't like the Public Option they can Keep their Private Plan.

    I say the Pros are the Democrats and the Cons are the Republicans I think.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the republicans are putting false info in the old people,they are telling them that the gov is going to decide if they die or not and things like that,they are just putting a bunch of ''b's'' in their old heads.So now they brainwashed are attending town halls and acting like angry mobs.

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