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Is it normal to be pregnant and be disgusted by boyfriend and CONSTANTLY sick and tired?

I am currently about 2 months pregnant and HATE it. I HATE my boyfriend right now. I just get near him and all of a sdden I become extremely upset. I can't kiss him b/c I all of a sudden am disgusted by the way he tastes or smells. Sex becomes disgusting. I am so irritable and I cry for stupid things.... BUT JUST WITH HIM.

Is this just the hormones? I mean its driving me insane.

And its not just that.... I can't eat anything. I eat something and less than 30 minutes later chances are it usually comes back up. I am nauseated ALL day. It is disgusting. I HATE BEING PREGNANT!

Also if I am standing or doing anything physical I get dizzy and tired so easily. I was washing dishes and just got exausted. I am tired all day and sleep like 12 hours a day. I am so grateful I just go to college and have no job b/c i think i would have died.

Is all this normal?

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    Hormones honey. Make a conscious effort to try and not be too nasty to him. And make sure that he is aware of all of the changes that you are going through so that he knows that it is hormones talking and not you from the heart.

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    Yes, it is very common to be tired and have nausea during the first trimester. My first pregnancy wasn't too bad but my second I was tired 24/7. I would wake up in the morning and want to take a nap an hour later. I was also pregnant during the winter and seemed to catch everything and anything that was going around. The good news is that when you hit your second trimester you will feel a lot better. Your body is working very hard right now creating this new life - it takes a lot out of you. Try to get as much rest as you can.

  • I know how u feel. I am 11.5 weeks and I have suffered with horrible indigestion, nausea, dizziness and any other symptoms you can name. This is # 2 but I never had any symptoms with my first and worked all the way up to 8 months.

    My fiance gets on my nerves horribly right now...and sometimes I could just kiss him! But those are mood swings that you are having. Just try to take it easy and take everything in stride. Everything your experiencing will have a bigger and better result...your healthy beautiful baby!

    I have started a nightly routine of taking a warm shower or bath with candles to relax and then doing a little light reading. You should try it.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better. I hope WE feel better. All this stuff is supposed to subside in the next trimester. So hang in there.


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  • YES, i cant even tell you how much i was disgusted by my man. His smell, his looks, his everything. im here to tell you, you will grow out of it. lol. its completely normal. Yes hormones will mess a lot of things up in your life. lol

    I had horrible morning sickness too, try drinking cold 7up before you get out of bed, and try some fruit popcicles and pickles before bedtime. Also if you can manage eat like peanutbutter toast, cottage cheese before bed, the protein will help you stay full for longer, and not have much "morning sickness" at least not in the morning, but i know thats much easier said than done.

    The first trimester is CRAZY, i slept a lot all the time, dont worry by the second trimester you will get a BIG break!

    Congrats! And good luck

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    I hated being pregnant and have complete and utter sympathy for you. The first 18 weeks were horrible, I was exhausted, sick, vomiting and yes I couldn't stand the way my boyfriend smelt some days-I kept telling him to go away! It has thankfully gone now and I am feeling much better and my boyfriend now smells normal again.

    It will get easier. Just keep trying to eat even if it comes back up and make sure you keep drinking water lots. Rest as much as possible and if you wanna shout and scream every so often go for it ( I did)

    Take care xxx

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    OMG! You just reminded why I am so happy that I am out of the first trimester!

    Your hormones are insane and sights/smells/people just make you sick or irritate you. I can understand that.

    I think there is something in the IV's they give you when you are in labor that make you forget all the really horrible stuff about being pregnant.

    Trust me it does get better in probably another month or won't be perfect...just better! Good Luck!

  • LOL. Yes its normal. Not everyone enjoys pregnancy. Especially when you're feeling so sick. I never felt that way towards my husband..but i've heard a lot of women say that. Its probably just the hormones. Just try to relax and don't run him off. You're gonna need his help later on.LOL..Good luck with everyhing and congrats :) It'll get better.

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    It is normal and it sucks. But things should start to look better here in the next few weeks. Usually the 2nd trimester is where the nausea subsides and you have a bit more energy. Hang in there!

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    VERY normal! I think my husband and I spent damn near everyday of the first 2 trimesters arguing because I was so hormonal. You should both skim through dad's pregnant too by Harlan Cohen. It is meant for dad's and it's hysterical! It helps them to be more understanding.

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    I'm sure that this is all due to hormones. Your body is seriously out of whack right now, and it's just messing you up emotionally. Just hang in there, usually women start feeling better when they hit 12 weeks or so. Good luck!! ♥

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