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Any other christians that listen to "satanic" metal?

Or am I a lone wanderer here? I know that none of these bands I'm going to list are ACTUALLY satanic, they just use those themes.

Any christians here listen to: Morbid Angel, Slayer, Venom, or Atheist? Or any other alternative "satanic" bands? (I know they're not actually satanic!)


You're pretty easy to sway if you think lyrics depict someone's beliefs. Venom used it for attention, Slayer used it to piss people off, and the bassist is actually catholic. Morbid Angel are NOT satanic, and I bet 90% of you think being satanic is worshipping the devil.

Ignorant twats.

Update 2:

Oh my god, you elitist christians piss me off. Just because I listen to bands with questionable lyrics does not make me a less of a christian than you.

Just because I don't spend 24/7 of my life worshipping Christ doesn't make me lesser. Hypocrites.

Update 3:

If you believe everything the bible says, you're a flying space goat who can teleport.

The bible are STORIES, not all of it is REAL.

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    Well I started listening to Decide, Vader, Morbid Angel etc. when I was 18 and still very much a Christian. I never really thought there is anything wrong with that I loved the music and that was the only reason for it. Later I discovered Black Metal and still I did not thing it meant anything. It's all about what kind of a person you are not what you listen to. How many Churchgoing Christians do you know who are actually just all around bad people? I don't think God would like them more just because they chose to listen to Britney Spears

    Now I'm no longer a Christian or...anything for that matter but it had nothing to do with the music I listen to.

    I mean people listen to "Gangsta Rap" it doesn't automatically make them criminals does it?


    When someone tell you to search for "Christian Metal" just because you're a Christian is just stupid...unless you really enjoy the bands. I wouldn't mind listening to Christian Metal if they were actually good but in my opinion they're not.

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    hey you know that there are a LOT of awesome christian death metal bands and all other types of metal? there are! TUNS! i was amased at first when i went to the upper peninsula of michigan for a month to help out a growing church. everyone there listened to metal. its not exactly my favorite style of music. but you definitely dont HAVE to listen to secular music if you like metal. as far as actual band names. i wouldn't really know any because i dont listen to them often. you could always try yahooing christian metal though.. but i do have some friends that have a christian metal band they arent exactly huge. but theyre pretty good. they're called abide

    hope i helped! :)

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    They're all better than all the "Christian" metal bands

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    How do you know they are not satanic? You need to check the lyrics.......

    However, this is a Satanic world unfortunately

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    Not me.

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