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OK can you guys tell me........................?

what the british and US soldiers have done to the people in Afghanistan, the bad things, cause from what ive seen theyre helping, but there might be another side, so anyone wish to tell me?


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    their trying to convert the muslism to christians

    their raping the women

    their killing children and women (millions)

    their break their homes

    their destroying their crops

    their messing up the entire economy

    edit: oh and the OIL! what (peace of heart pointed out)

    LISTEN RAFFZ: your obviosly brainwashed by the media, i for once was too, but later started doing my own research in much more reliable resources i.e. afgans friends...

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    Hi Raffz,

    Voting rights to the people..US Soldiers:

    US Marines move to take positions on a mountainside at the start of the operation Eastern Resolve 2 against the Taliban outside The Village of Dahaneh on August 12..The operation launched on(Wednesday August 12,2009) in the morning in an attempt to push Militants from The Key Helmands Village and ensure that the citizens will be able to vote in the upcoming elections..The Village has been under Pakistan's Taliban control..

    The British Troops are there to prevent terrorism and improving Afghans Human Rights,to promoted economic..

    Some are saying,The British have done their job and needs to go back home..Something to do with to must power..

    What I see about all of this,is to get Pakistan's Taliban's out of their country,so they have Control back for all their peoples rights..I hope this answers your question.Have a Nice Day..

    Your Friend,


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  • I don't know their reason for being there and neither does anyone else in this section. We may all have our opinions as to why, but none of us knows for sure. One of the things I do know they are doing according to the media(and believe it or not sometimes the media actually gives us facts-some just choose not to believe them), is trying to help the citizens get a chance to vote in the election because taliban is trying to stop the citizens from having their voices heard.

    When there is a war people from both sides die.

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    The majority of answerers do not even live in the Middle East to know what they are saying.

    The soldiers bring tons of food and clean water for those in need to consume.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    british and US soldiers are raping, killing innocent women and children. bombing random houses at night. invaded afghan first it was iraq. i wont be suprised if brits and the u.s start getting attacked

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    what they do is that they want to keep them week, under the name of helping them, so they can use them, did they really help Iraq? do they mean to help Afghanistan? NO, they will never try to gain our profit, unless it's their profit too, unless it worth's for them. we've learned that you can never expect humanity from them.

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    What I do know

    They rape muslim women

    They pass urine on the Qur'aan and flush it down the toilet - Astaghfirullah.

    They rip and shred it into pieces

    They torture the muslim prisoners who are held captive without trial.

    Do u need anymore harsh brutal facts to tell you what these people are like?

    Source(s): Various Islamic magazines, national newspapers, international TV. Google it
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    They bomb my country saying oh were killing the taliban but whether taliban are killed or not I have no idea but I do know that innocent citizens are being killed more than the taliban! :@

    My view alongside all my afghan friends and majority of my family (who are afghans)

  • Anonymous
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    Their main aim is to steal our oil

    thats why 9/11 took place

    they plotted it, framed us which gave them an excuse 2 go in2 iraq nd steal oil

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