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Can anyone help me with Fatty Liver Disease (Cats)?

Warning: this is long, but if you've been through this, and know anything I could do...please help!

Last Friday, we took our cat to the animal hospital because he hadn't ate or drank anything in a few days. They said it was fatty liver disease, and they kept him hooked up to IV's. They even put a tube in his throat so we could feed him that way. A few hours after the tube was put in, my cat pulled it out himself. They were going to replace the tube for free, but didn't want to do it right away since he had just been through the surgery. We went to visit him in the hospital the next day, and just by us being there, he ate a little. They kept him in the hospital one more day, then released him without replacing the tube, saying that we'll probably have better luck getting him to eat. When we first brought him home, he ate about half of a cup of dry food which surprised us. Since then, he's been eating very little every day. My question is, what should I do? Force feed him? if so, how? Or should I take him back to the hospital to have the tube put in? We paid 900 bucks for the placement of the tube...would they put another one in for free, since they were going to do that originally? I don't know what to do.

As far as his personality, when this first happened, he was lifeless...but since we've had him home from the hospital, he does walk around a good bit (slowly but surely) and he purrs louder than ever before. When I wake up in the morning, or walk through the door after work, he makes an effort to get up and rub against my leg. That's why it's so hard for me to figure out what to do. He's trying to act like his normal self, he's just weak.

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    I think you need to syringe-feed the cat several times a day until he is 100% eating well on his own.

    You are going to need to get several large needle-less syringes today. Call the vet's office and ask or buy at a medical supply store.

    Buy some Wellness canned cat food, it is high in calories, protein and fat plus easy to blend. Mix in a blender or food processor with an equal or slightly less volume of water. Try to get at least a full 5.5 oz can or more into the cat daily.

    Be forewarned that this is a messy process and it is normal to get as much on the cat as in. Take this into account when figuring how much he ate.

    Once your syringe is full you firmly hold the cat sideways or from behind. Place the tip of the syringe between his molars and ingect about 2ccs of the food mixture. Wait for him to swallow and repeat.

    If you need more info on this I am sure there are cat force-feeding videos out there. I will try to find one for you myself. Check back.

    Update: I just found this one with additional information for wrapping the cat;

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): Have syringe-fed numerous cats.
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    The only good thing about fatty liver disease, is that with aggressive treatment the liver will heal itself. This means either tube feeding or syringe feeding. Either one will work, and some people prefer one to the other. Both have their drawbacks, and their advantages. I'd have a talk with the vet about the pros and cons of each. I would be inclined to try the syringe feeding first, although that does take more cat handling "skills" than tube feeding. I would even suggest making an appointment at your vets with one of the vet techs, who can show you how to syringe feed the cat, and help you with doing it for the first time. While it isn't hard, things are always easier if you can have someone help you the first time. If the syringe feeding doesn't work out, then you'll need to try the tube feeding route. It can take a few days to a week or two to get them to the point of feeling well enough to eat on their own.

    Good luck with him!

    Source(s): Many years of cat rescue (and syringe feeding cats)
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    I don't want to tell you not to but my experience has not been good getting cats to live with it. I have lost 3 cats for sure to this. By all means try but just know it is one thing were they really have ups and downs and its not because you did anythign wrong. I dont know if they would replace tube for free.... they might offer discount tho. make sure he was a collar to prevent him from pulling it out again-they have the lampshade but they also have another kind-its like a very thick collar.

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    Can't answer all your question but can say this much - keep your cat hydrated. Try one of those paediatric oral rehydration salts at half strength & syringe feed it 1 - 2 mls every hours or so.

    If it has Fatty Liver Disease, you might want to avoid fatty foods e.g. salmon, prawn based foods.

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