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What is your local music scene like?

Where do you live?

What's your scene like?

What local bands do you like?

I live around Denver, Co and we've got some good bands, but it seems half the time people would rather go to clubs than support live music and it is very frustrating.

Here are some of my favorites

The Warlock Pinchers (RIP)

I never actually got to see this band because they were before my time, but they were kind of a comedy band. Their most popular, and my favorite song, despite the fact I am a Smiths/Morrisey fan is "Morrisey Rides a Cockhorse"

16 Horsepower (RIP)

Denver has a HUGE alt country scene. alt. country isn't like regular top 40 country, it's much more interesting.

David Eugene Edwards of 16 HP has a new band called Wovenhand, who are great, but rarely play as he's kind of a recluse. No banjo on this on. Haha.

There's also Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Jello Biafra loves this band, it's funny. He shows up to their shows, apparently he grew up in Colorado so he spends a lot of time in Boulder/Denver), The Denver Gentlemen, The Reverend Deadeye

The Bedraggled (RIP)

My fiance was the bassist for this band, The Reverend Deadeye was the singer. They were a post punk band heavily influenced by Nick Cave, Tom Waits and

Twice Wilted

A dark post punk band influenced by the Chameleons fronted by Kurt Ottoway

My favorite song by them is Square (Hex Mix) but they don't have it up.

Brighter is great though.

They were "bigger than the 4 Non Blondes" (despite being unsigned) according to CMJ at one point, coming in at #142

The Tarmints (RIP)

A dark garage punk band fronted by Kurt Ottoway.

They were very inspired by bands from Australia.

The Overcasters

A pyschedelic postpunk band which might remind you a bit of Twice Wilted....guess what, fronted by Kurt Ottoway

Burn Heavy

A really excellent doom/sludge band with electronics and violin. I'm really in love with this band right now.

The Swayback

I used to like this band a lot, when they were dark post punk. They've changed their sound and it's just kinda boring now. They've still got "Forewarned" and "Concrete Blocks" on their player which are decent songs.

myspace dot com slash the swayback

Bright Channel (RIP)

An excellent shoegaze band

The Mansfields

A super cheesy glam punk band from Colorado Springs. Not a whole lot of substance here, but it's fun music to drink to.

I enjoy "Night of the Living Creeps" the best.


These guys have gotten huge. OMG. I cannot afford to go to their shows anymore.

My boyfriend remembers when they opened for HIM.

Still, they're cool. If you like Gogol Bordello or Firewater, you might enjoy this band.

myspace dot com slash devotchka music

I, um, have no idea how to explain this. You have to check it out for yourself.

myspace dot slash littlefyodorbabushka

Worst bands from Colorado in my opinion:

Vox Demona (Worst band I have EVER seen)


Big Head Todd and The Monsters

Leftover Salmon


The best venues: Rhinoceropolis - a warehouse - lots of interesting punk and indie bands come through here. It's either free or very cheap

The Larimer Lounge: My favorite bar for local music

The Blast o' Mat: The place to be for crust punk

Also, I am moving to Portland, Oregon soon.

Are any of you from around there?

I already know about The Prids, We Miss the Earth, Antiworld, and Magick Daggers...

I had to remove some links because YA only allows 10 links.

Lame, eh?

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  • migh
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    wow, i'll have have a look at your links in time!

    i live in Madrid, Spain... and luckily exactly here... ... it's a great neighbourhood!

    i don't check out as many local bands as i'd like to, there's stuff going on every night!, but i do when i can and there's some cool stuff around... lots of kinda 'extreme' metal, which i like! for example these...

    Looking For An Answer- ... definitely kick some live! lots of cool metal venues that host these and more well known bands etc

    (i have a friend who does this site... ... gives you an idea of the 'heavier/darker' side of things ;)

    There's a big electro scene in Madrid which is fun... lotsa clubs and lotsa bands i catch live having never heard of before... these were quite a revelation when i saw them playing live in the street once ...

    Dirty Princess...

    and the Punk scene here's great... lots of squats that do workshops during the day and have punk gigs at night, always a great crowd, great atmosphere, they're awesome gigs!...

    i went to this one... (i swear my girlfriends in the clip ;)... a Distorsion gig in an 'occupied' warehouse... it was a blast ;)...and my friends the Spidikflotes played support... ... these are great, my friends and i try to go to as many of their gigs as we can...

    and i almost forgot my good mate Humphrey! he kinda does his own thing though ;)...

    Source(s): Madrid is cool for music... and all the big bands come through as well so sorted :)
  • 1 decade ago

    I am in Denver too! I have to agree, most people just want to go to clubs all the time instead of going to concerts to actually support bands that are in need of our support. I have not heard of any of the bands you mentioned, except for Devotchka. I was under the impression that most of the local bands in or around Denver were hippy/indie music, so Thank You for posting these. I clearly need to get more into the local scene, instead of putting up with the mainstream garbage. Thank You for the information!

    Source(s): I am relatively new to the local music scene, any suggestions for stores, etc. would be awesome. Sorry, it's not really an answer, I was just excited to see someone from Denver, and not to mention someone who could shed some light on the local music scene here.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I live near Rapid City, SD.

    I'm not really sure what the scene's like, but it's probably lame, knowing Rapid City only has like 60,000 lame people. Only band I know is Hope for the Fearful, formerly Over The Years.

    I have to note you forgot another local Denver band, Breathe Carolina.

    Just saying.


  • ...
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I reside near Seattle, WA, the punk scene is improving, there is still a Nirvana frame of mind in music here which bums me out, when I lived in Southern California the scene was a hell of alot better compared to the Pacific Northwest.

    Here are some my space links to some punk bands that are local in Seattle which I happen to like, enjoy!!!

    The Schmidtaholics (Seattle):

    The Bristle (Seattle):

    The Dreadful Children (Seattle):

    Millhous (Seattle):

    Theres also the Spits but I've stop going to their gigs over 7 years ago, they got boring for me...

    The Fun House in Seattle is probably one of the oldest punk rock venues, its a total dive, Micky and Holly are a55 kicking bartenders and I've seen a couple of good punk bands there, there are other venues that are a lot nicer than the Fun House (meaning the place doesn't smell like public toilet, lol....)

    E1: I forgot the band Zeke (Seattle):

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am an hour outside of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, and despite what a lot of people say about Winnipeg being kind of a lame city, it currently has (and always has had) a very thriving music scene.

    Many well known acts have come from Winnipeg despite its size of only 648,000. (Total Manitoba population: 1,119,583)

    Here are a few notable ones:

    The Guess Who (I'm actually not a fan, but they are our claim to fame I guess) Including Burton Cummings (who now has a concert venue named after him) and Randy Bachman.

    Tom Cochrane (Main stream rocker) is from Lynn Lake Manitoba which is a fairly small town by any standards,

    Winnipeg also boasts Chantal Kreviazuk

    Daniel Lavoie (french pop music) is from Dunrae Manitoba (another small town)

    Loreena McKennitt is from Morden Manitoba (about 45 mins away from where I live. If you are not familar with her music, look her up. She is about the most amazing celtic singer I have ever heard.

    and last but not least Neil Young.

    Although he was born in Toronto he moved to Winnipeg as a teen and associates being from Winnipeg. I have seen Neil play in Winnipeg and the energy of the crowd at his 'home' show, is just amazing.

    Also many up and coming bands get started in Winnipeg, there are many thriving rock, blues and country places. (Mostly rock and a famous blues venue) we have many world music bands and just about every style you can imagine.

    There are outdoor and indoor venues of varying size. Out where I live there is a band in a town about 10 mins away that is just amazing....Look up Locomotive from Ridgeville Manitoba. They are on myspace and facebook. They come from a town with a population of less than 50 people in the middle of nowehere ville, MB. Wow.

  • 1 decade ago

    Near Cleveland Ohio



    Child Bite

    These Guys aren't from around here put they play here alot.

    A good Venue Is The Grog Shop

    Source(s): The Bible.
  • San Marcos, CA

    we've had lots of good punk and metal bands play at the Jumping Turtle, but after a near-riot it is now 21 and up.

    theyre from here.

    also, Angry Samoans play here quite a bit.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All I know about local bands here in Bellshill, Scotland is the BMX Bandits.

    they're quite good and Kurt Cobain had said he was a fan of them :P

    the singer in that band used to go my school too :P

  • 1 decade ago

    i live in kent, UK.

    there isn't really a music scene round where i live, its more around london. i think its a bit different in america. we do have some good bands round here, but there aren't that many good venues for bands to play in around my area. wish i lived in london. ha

  • 1 decade ago

    I live in a scene full of crap chav music (like N-Dubz and Tinchy Stryder) with everyone who likes that 'music' singing along to it!

    It pisses me off!!!

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