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Is it possible to uninstall Vista and reinstall XP, or should I jump ship completely?

I got a new computer - a dual core Athlon with Vista installed as standard. It is not much faster for everyday purposes than the old PC it replaced, which had a Sempron 2400 processor and Windows XP.

I suspect Vista is making the machine crawl along. How do you safely uninstall Vista and re-install XP, while keeping your files on the machine? Would it be better to go for the new Windows 7, or ditch Microsoft bloatware completely, make friends with the penguin and reinstall with Linux?

I am using Open Office at the moment for documents and the PC is mostly used for internet browsing and word-processing. I am worried about compatibility issues if I make the jump to Linux though.


ChezRob - thanks for all the tweaks - will definitely give them a go.

What is really annoying about Vista is the way it patronises the user - e.g. "did you really want to move / delete the file?" YES I DID"!

I am very tempted to move to Linux, and if it was up to me alone I definitely would. However, my partner uses the computer too and she is not as confident as me, and likes what she is used to. I think I will try the tweaks and if I am still unhappy, will look to make the jump.

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    get your vista going

    start by uninstalling useless programs that came with the computer.

    use partition software to set up C drive to 30gig and D drive the remainder. Move my documents to D drive

    post questions on what your problems are.

    Vista tweaks


    Set up Vista start menu

    Internet tweaks xp

    Wow vista lag?

    first go to start menu then search (above recent items) then search for "command prompt" then right click on command prompt and run as administrator.

    Enter the following:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

    If you found that this doesn’t fix your problem, you can turn it back on by entering the following:

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

    Vista crap

    ...ok, first i'd simply recomend going in and turning off all the crap, a good starting point would be running this registry file that will turn off everything that doesnt need to be on at boot. safe settings should be perfect

    ....this link right here is great, read it :)

    get cccleaner, revo uninstall..

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    I ditched MS and started using Kubuntu two years ago and haven't looked back since. I've had no compatibility issues as similar to you, I use my PC mostly for office applications and browsing the net. I am also amazed at how much I've learned about operating systems, the command line interface and virtualisation in these two years. Computing has become fun again.

    The only drawback I can think of is the lack of 3D games. I do miss Total War.

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    You could wait untill you can upgrade to windows 7 (vista service pack 3!)

    Or Upgrade to xp.

    Whilst all the reports for windows 7 are good it still contains many security holes, and is still largely untested in actual use.

    I will upgrade from xp to win 7 in about 4 years time, to give them a chance to sort out any problems with it.

    So personaly I would get xp on your machine.

    XP pro can be purchased of Amazon with service pack three for around 100, but no doubt you can get it cheaper than that.

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    Vista is notoriously slow, it uses so much processing power to spy on you. Either de-install it and re-install XP or update vista to Windows 7 on the website. XP has been taken off the shelves in the shops and is now only available e.g. through ebay. make sure you get one with a licence though.

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  • Vista then wait for 7 - its not even a month away

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    I took vista off of my computer(really slow program!)I had to nuke my hardrive,re-format,then took my x/p cd and re-installed.As long as you have the x/p cd,no prob.

    see ya


    P.S Hope this advice does you some good.

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    Stay with Vista

  • you cant install xp without deleting your files.

    you should wait till windows 7.

    then you can upgrade which means it will keep all your files.

    just wait until windows 7 its much better than xp and vista

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    yes its possible

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