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”stay put on” ??

In any case, the Edomites did not stay put on their side of the wadi.



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    stay put: To remain in a fixed or established position (1)

    停留在一個固定的地方 待著不動 沒有變化


    I'm not moving there, I'd rather stay put. (2)

    I keep adjusting the focus, but it won't stay put. (2)

    Stay put in the corner here! (3)





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  • 1 decade ago

    Stay put + on their side. Stay put 跟 on 是分開的啦~~

    Stay put 是鼓勵的話,就是說叫人堅持下去啊,撐著點啊,這樣。

    例句? You stay put! 你撐著點!

    Just stay put! You can make it! 撐著點,你可以的!

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