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Has anyone tried this before? Induction question?

Ok, so I was supposed to be induced a while back, but my doctor changed his mind because I was feeling uneasy about it. I was sure I would go in labor myself, but I'm 40 weeks and I'm not even thinned. Not dilated, not thinned... nothing.

The only thing I haven't tried is castor oil. My mom works with a girl that said that she never dilated or anything and she drank castor oil with all 4 of her kids and she went into labor a couple hours after drinking it and her labor was fast. I know fast labor is something that I might not get, but I'm wondering about the castor oil.

Have any of you tried castor oil, and if so did it work?

Thanks in advance!


I've had my membranes swept twice and nothing. Just a little blood and stil not thinning or dilating.

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    Welcome to the boat I'm way over 2 and tried everything and nothing is happ so dnt it only have me stomach cramps and a rash from the diarrhea

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    Castor Oil should be a last resort and should only be used once you've got to you're 14 days or very close to.

    Castor oil causes diarrhea for the mother which may be unpleasant and if you do go into labour, it can be messy. Often in early labour you will have diarrhea – this is the body’s own way of clearing out and making space for baby, but sometimes this doesn’t happen, especially if baby isn’t yet ready and given the signal for labour to start.

    On the other hand, I have also heard stories where a post-dates mother had been suffering from constipation and labour had stalled – upon taking the castor oil, she was able to go to the toilet, labour progressed and all went well.

    You can find it at your local chemist. You might want to get your partner to pick it up if you don't want to get lectured by the pharmacist as many people seem to be “against” it. When the fact is that it will usually work for a large percentage at and after the 2 week “overdue” mark.

    ~~After having a good nights sleep for breakfast take one tablespoon added into scrambled eggs or mixed with some fruit juice to make it more palatable. If necessary, take one more tablespoon one hour after ingesting that first.

    I wouldn't worry about your cervix not open and thinned....that can happen in a matter of hours and may not happen until you go INTO labour so DON'T WORRY. The state of your cervix gives no information as to when you will go into labour. I would only suggest getting induced after the 14 days of being overdue, unless there is a medical reason to induce earlier.

    Here have a read of these...


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    I have had a few people tell me that it really works. I myself never tried it. I was in the same boat, almost 40 weeks and not dilated. I had sex the night of my due date and started having labor pains at 1am. Went to the hospital at 6am and my baby boy was born at 5pm. So I guess what I am saying is try the castor oil or just try having sex.

    Source(s): had a baby 9 weeks ago
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  • The doctors don't recommend it. From what I hear the placenta can detach from the uterus wall causing lots of danger. I always had sex in the last few weeks as often as I can not to really enjoy it. I just know that the semen acts as a synthetic oxytocin which is a chemical that is released when starting labor. It's also similar to pitocin is what the Dr's. use to induce labor! Just try it, it can't hurt! good luck

    Source(s): mother of 2 and 1 on the way
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    a infant is born whilst they are waiting yo be born and NO faster until that's finished at medical institution for medical motives. Castor oil is an previous fashoned way of inducing labour. And is now i think of seen hazardous. enable infant % whilst to go into the international...... My first infant became due in September (1st) so i went by way of a rather heat summer season together with her yet i've got been given on with it. human beings ought to get excitement from a solid difficulty whilst they have it. Whats the hurry. some human beings cant have babys so we mums ought to think of ourselves fortunate. Childless women human beings would provide there ideal arm to be pregnant despite the soreness.

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    gross do not do that to yourself nor the baby! lol. what you do is go to your doc and have your membranes swept. i had this done at 39 weeks and 2 days. i had my son the 2nd day afterwards. what they do is stick a finger up there and move it back and forth vigorously. you will bleed which scared me at first but that was said to be normal. sure enough, 2 days later (more like day and a half), my water broke. having your membranes swept just breaks things up a bit and it kick starts labor. just a suggestion.

    Source(s): what i had done and it worked
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    I tried caster oil, it did not do anything for me baby-wise, it just made me have severe stomach cramping and be on the toilet all night long.

    Have you started producing colostrum? You can try pumping it, it will start contracting your cervix.


    Have your doctor "stir things up a bit" by stretching your cervix.

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    I have never heard of that but it seems safe to try,

    Um this may sound funny but people told me to try playing with the nipples it can help you go into labor. My husband played with mine and I seemed to get contractions.

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    Caster oil is dangerous and will only give you diarrhea. It can dehydrate you putting you and your baby in risk. Doctors suggest trying nipple stimulation or sex to jump start it. Sperm can actually soften your cervix.

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    i did it and it worked if you dont mind clearing out your bowels do it, no really it worked two hour after i drank it i was in the hospital in labour

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