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For private pilots. How long would a single engine Cesna type plane take to fly from Ontario CA to Medford OR?

And can you give me a guess as to how much it would cost?

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    According to the total distance is 557 nm.

    (KONT for Ontario and KMFR for Medford.

    Cessna airplane travels approximately 125 nautical miles per hour. Has maximum range of approximately 600 nautical miles.

    It'll take 4 hours and 45 minutes. Extra time is required as it is not possible to fly a direct path. Aircraft rental fees are approximately 130 dollars an hour.

    It will cost 580 dollars approximately.

    However there are some cheaper Cessnas that run for only 59 dollars an hour but they are usually the smallest ones with underpowered engines that cruise at 90 nautical miles per hour.

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    Headwind ? Tailwind ? Cruise 75% ?

    How long is a China man ?

    Besides.... There is no Cesna.... Oh... You mean Cessna !!!

    I'm guess'n after you buy the plane , fuel , pilot lessons...

    Charts , Hanger fee.... Hmmmm $200K

    Is that Ontario California.... HA !!!! whata Maroon...

    Gotta Fly...

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    well i dont know the exact mileage between the two but a typical cessna has a crusing speed of abot 120 knots.(140mph) so do the math... im guessing that u want to rent a plane so costs will run about $120 an hour with fuel(depends on where u rent it from though)

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    total journey about 4-7 hrs, depends on the auxiliary tanks you have and/or how heavily you modified the engine for greater thrust, plus a sportcar (i.e. ferarri/lamborghini) from your house (where you stay) to the runway/airport AND the destination you're really going (someone's house/building/place in Medford).

    cost is around 500 to 1000 US$, depends on if you're buying just the aircraft fuel and/or renting the car/sportcar from where you stay to airport AND from the destination airport to the target place in Medford

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    5 hours

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    All these guys are BS'ing you.

    1. there are various models of Cessna. (and cruise speeds are 75% power

    172 cruises at 100kts and would take 5.6 hours

    182 cruises at 125 kts and would take 4.5 hrs

    210 cruises at 191 kts and would take 2.9 hrs.


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