University of Phoenix/Axia financial aid?

I an presently enrolled in Axia,was awarded the Pell Grant and approved for 9500 in a student loan. My financial advisor and the letters from Citi (who approved my loan) tell me I will receive the extra money in 2 disbursments. One in Sept, the other in late Dec. should I be worried about receiving this money after all the negative stuff I have heard about Univ. of Phoenix/Axia?

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    You were awarded the pell grant which is 5350..and financial aid correct? so you took out an additional 9500 to cover the balance and to have some extra disbursed to you..right?

    you will get a check or direct deposit.. which ever you chose sent to you after week 4 or 5. The loan money will not be sent to the school until it is verified that you are in fact taking classes there and doing the work.. otherwise everyone would be applying for student loans that weren't even students.. anyhow by the 4th week they send it to the school who pays the tuition and send the rest to you.. good luck!~

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    UoP is a hassle no matter how you look at it. I was certified on July 27th and my lender, Wells Fargo, got the paperwork the next day. They disbursed the money to the school last Monday and my Pell grant was disbursed and posted to my account on Aug 13th. My loan is nowhere in sight and when I asked, my financial aid counselor told me the processing center was still doing verification that I had no loans with other schools. Ok, this makes no sense because I would not have been certified unless they had finished their process. So now I'm sitting here with a balance still owing on my account and UoP holding on to my money. Apparently my financial aid counselor had to send a ticket to the help desk to get the processing fast tracked. All I can say is keep track of your funds coz if you don't UoP will take advantage of you big time!!!

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    Lets just say you will be very lucky if you recieve any money from UoP. I'll be graduating in April 2010 and I've always had problems retrieving refunds due to me. I have loans totaling 10,300 and 5350 in pell grants. loans covered tuition and pell grant will be sent to me (at least that what my fin aid adviser says) . I have yet to recieve my refund. it was recieved by the school on Aug 13 and today makes one week.

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    You needn't worry about receiving it because you won't. Your school will. You will receive a bill because it is unlikely this will cover all the cost of your education for the year without taking out additional loans.

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