new cook needs advice on chicken recipe?

ok, based on this recipe, i want to change the approach. i'm so new to cooking that i need to know if this is ok so i dont waste my money.

is it ok to omit the part where i coat the chicken in the dry mixture and fry in pan? Can i just put all the seasonings with the fluid mixture, coat it and bake it in the oven? Does it make it taste better if i brown the chicken first or will the oven work?

question 2. With the left over sauce, can I just pour that over some rice or will there be issues with salmonela or whatever since i was thinking of marinating the chicken in the sauce in the fridge.


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    hey there first of i want to congrats you on even putting an effort into making or cooking and dont be shy just because its your first times ...i mean cmon even the most experienced chefs had a first like me im 16 and i started at 13 and hers the anwsers to the questions.

    1) the reson the recipie calles for " browing" or searing the meat is to well....theres a couple of reason ...and one is to contain all the juices in the chicken and the second is because if u just bake it with out browning it . the chicken is gona let out a lot of water from the meat itself and you dont want that ( the last yhing you want is a rubbbery chicken)

    2 ) to this quetion im not sure but just to be on the safe side ...dont do it...and plus if u just pour it over the rice its not really gona taste good because cmon....EVERYTHING IS NOT COOKED :) like flour and the herbs and its gona taste like welll...jsut weird cant describe it. :)

    anyways good job and cook!

    courtsy of Jamie oliver and Gordon ramsay ©

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    Answer to first question: You can omit the flour and then bake it in the oven. I like the taste of the browned chicken, but baked is fine too, so that's a personal choice.

    Answer to second question: As long as the left over sauce has all been baked in the oven, it's fine to pour over the rice. In fact, I would recommend that! Since it's basically condensed soup with seasonings, I don't see how it would marinate the chicken in the fridge.

    So make your sauce ingredients with the soup and all the seasonings, etc. but leave out the flour. Put your chicken pieces in a baking dish. Pour over the chicken and then bake for about an hour in a 350 F oven.

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