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Could you rate both drafts suggestions accepted? And which is best?

KEEP IN MIND:They're both from 10-man leagues. The 1st draft very few people present many auto picks, the 2nd many people present few auto picks.


QB-Tom Brady

RB-Matt Forte

RB-Darren McFadden

RB/WR-LenDale White(RB)

WR-Roddy White

WR-TJ Houshmandzadeh

TE-Greg Olsen

K-Stephen Gostkowski

DEF-NY Giants


QB-Eli Manning

RB-LeSean McCoy

RB-Ricky Williams

WR-Ted Ginn Jr

WR-Muhsin Muhammad

TE-Jeremy Shockey

DEF-GB Packers



QB-Tom Brady

RB-Adrian Peterson

RB-Pierre Thomas

RB/WR-Willie Parker (RB)

WR-Calvin Johnson

WR-Roy E. Williams

TE-Dallas Clark

K-Jason Elam

DEF-NY Giants


QB-Kyle Orton

RB-LenDale White

RB-Earnest Graham

WR-Jerricho Cotchery

WR-Torry Holt

TE-Dustin Keller

DEF-GB Packers


The second one is a different team!! i messed up the first one

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    Tom Brady and Purple Jesus!!!!! not to mention Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams... a top 3 tight-end, defense and kicker. Your 2nd draft is a joke it's so great, you are gonna dominate. Your first draft is decent.

    (On a scale of 1-10)

    1st Draft- 7.5

    2nd Draft- 11

    Source(s): Mi BrAin
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  • matt g
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    both drafts have good teams. the first draft is light at rb as you can tell because your other team has white as a back up. where he should be. and the 2nd team has a stronger wr group. your 2nd team is the winner.

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  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    We already answered this question. ?????

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