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R&P: mama jamie's alphabet of punk, but yes, again...M (what do you think of these bands?)?

First I want to thank everyone who answers and/or stars my questions, I appreciate it.

Well, I suppose this is about 3 months early...Boredom got a hold of me.

Now, if you forgot how it went, or have never answered this before, I pick some punk bands (OF MY CHOICE, don't say, you forgot ____ because chances are I didn't forget them, I didn't want them) from each letter of the alphabet, one at a time and post a song and a couple questions.

Mankind?: I don't know much about them, but they're an anarcho punk band, from somewhere in the US.

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Mob (the): I posted a question about them a week ago or so...But if you didn't see, they were an anarcho punk band from the UK formed in 1979. Their lyrics are rather dark and somewhat depressing, but amazing.

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Malignus Youth: Hardcore punk band from Arizona formed in 1987.

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Millions of Dead Cops, or abbreviated MDC were a hardcore punk band from Texas formed in 1979

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Metal Urbain: a sort of experimental electronic/synth Punk band from France formed in 1976.

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Middle Class: Punk band formed in 1976 from California.

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Mob 47: Swedish hardcore punk band formed in 1982.

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Moderat Likvidation: Another Swedish punk band, I think also formed in 1980, but I don't think they released anything until 3 years later.

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SOOOOO with that being said...

MQ: Which of the above did you enjoy the MOST?

MQ2: Which of the above did you LEAST enjoy?

MQ3: What is your personal favorite 'M' band, not listed above (doesn't have to be punk)

MQ4: Name a band starting with 'M' you dislike

And you know, if you wanna provide feedback on all the bands, feel free to do so.


(yes, somewhat repetitive, what can I say...i rely on routine...)


mq: Mankind? and The Mob

mq2: I never really got into Middle Class as much...

mq3: The Mob

mq4: my chemical romance

Update 2:

Yes, I left them out because I wanted to...

9 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Jamie, did "L" get deleted? If so, I'm pretty watch both of our hard work go down the drain is too much.

    Let's try it again.

    Mankind? - They were good. I liked the song. At times though, the girl's voice got on my nerves during the hook.

    The Mob - Didn't care for this one from them, though I could see them hitting me with something I do like. Just kind of bland for me.

    Malignus Youth - This song I really liked. I wasn't expecting softer vocals, but I liked them and the music sounded good. It was an enjoyable song, I will look up more by this band.

    Millions of Dead Cops - At the end I thought, this song was pretty good. I think the only reason why I was on the fence was because of his delivery. I'm not a real big fan of shoving as many words in as you can (don't know what it's called), but by the end of the song I liked it.

    Metal Urbain - Man, I really liked this had a cool sound to it. You know, I really don't care for the French language and I realize how much more I dislike it when being sung in a punk band. I wish any other band from any other country covered that tune.

    Middle Class - Good tune. Not much to say about it otherwise.

    Mob 47 - Another good song. Reminded me a little of Motorhead, which is a good thing.

    Moderat Likvidation - They were ok. Just kind of plain to me, as far as the genre or other bands I've heard.

    MQ: Malignus Youth, Mob 47

    MQ2: The Mob (you hate me?), Metal Urbain, Moderat Likvidation

    MQ3: Modest Mouse

    MQ4: I'll say My Chemical's always tough for me because I usually can't think of bands I really dislike, I just ignore them and they eventually fade from memory.

    Thanks Jamie, can't wait for "N" and as always, it was a success. Hopefully this doesn't get deleted or else I might just give up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    MQ:I enjoyed Metal Urbain the most, I've never heard that before.. Thanks!

    I also like MDC and The Mob.

    MQ3: My Bloody Valentine

    MQ4: Marilyn Manson

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  • 1 decade ago

    MQ: The Middle Class

    MQ2: Millions of Dead Cops

    MQ3: Minutemen (Is there a reason you left them out?)

    MQ4: The Mars Volta

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  • simone
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    MQ: Metal Urbain. And I haven't listened to Malignus Youth since I was in high school. One of my best friend's favorites. The floor of her car was always filled with mostly unmarked cassette tapes. So several minutes were usually spent by her frantically inserting tapes into the tape deck, saying "This is it", playing a few seconds then angrily ejecting the tape with the epithet "No, That's not it! Give me that one" before she'd find the one she wanted and we could begin our journey. Well, Malignus Youth was usually one she was looking for.

    MQ2: Mankind?

    MQ3: MC5

    MQ4: Manowar

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  • ...
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    MQ: I'm partial to the Scandinavian scene, Mob 47

    MQ2: Metal Urbain

    MQ3: Makabert Fynd (Sweden)

    MQ4: Motorhead, I find myself fast forwarding alot of their songs, they sound boring to me...

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  • holy crap more great bands!

    and only a days wait this time!

    MQ: i liek Millions of Dead Cops. but i might be biased, cuz ive liked them for a while.

    MQ2: i didnt like Metal Urbain all that much.

    MQ3: The Misfits

    MQ4: My Chemical Romance

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mq1: Malignus Youth

    Mq2: Moderat Likvidation

    Mq3: Miss May I

    Mq4: Metallica (sorry, but I hate them)

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  • Punch
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    good evening Mama!!

    what a tremendous effort here!

    MQ: The Mob, Middle Class

    MQ2: Moderat Likvidation:

    MQ3: Joni Michell & Aimee Mann

    MQ4: Manowar... LOL, I don't know anything about them.. they just popped into my mind, and I'm certain I didn't like them!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    MQ metal urbain and middle class

    2: mob 47

    3. modern lovers, masada, the minutemen, medeski martin and wood, muddy waters, memphis minnie, the mighty diamonds, mississippi john hurt, morphine, mr. something something, mungo jerry, mystic knights of the oingo boingo...

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