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What would you put on a "bucket list" for fans of your favorite team (details inside)?

So a few weeks ago a question was posted about a "bucket list" for baseball fans. (Ya know, a list of things to see and do before you die.) That's how I thought of this question. What are the things that every fan of your favorite team should experience?

Here's my bucket list for Yankee fans:

-Get to the Stadium early enough to visit Monument Park.

-Sit with the Bleacher Creatures and do the entire roll call.

-Witness the team win a World Series and go to the parade in Manhattan.

-Bang the pot from Freddy Sez at the stadium.

-Go to a Yankees/Red Sox game in Fenway decked out in all your Yankee gear.

-Sit in one of the all-you-can-eat legends seats at the new Stadium, and eat until you cannot breathe lol.

Not sure if this question is going to translate but I thought it would be a fun question for people to answer. Thanks! :)

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    Pretty cool question, Elizabeth.

    Well I don't know when I'm going to die, so as long as I'm alive I want some more World Series Championships. We haven't won since 86, and it's about time we bring that championship to back to New York City.

    A couple of more division titles would be nice, we got it back in 2006, but I would like to be on top, instead of settling for a Wild Card spot.

    A better developed farm system would be great too, we got rid of a lot of young talent. So to see a nice stable farm would be nice to see, consistently, year in and year out.

    I would like season tickets for at least one year too, not every year, but at least one, that would be pretty dope too.

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    Heres my list

    Meet Joe Torre and Derek Jeter

    Sit in one of the fancy seats in the new yankee stadium

    Have another World Series with the Red Sux and this time Sweep them

    Throw a first pitch at the new stadium

    Get a A-rod autograph, he is going to break the HR record

    Visit the hall of fame at cooperstown

    Source(s): i like the one you said to go to Fenway park in all NYY Gear, thats Hot
  • Go to Yanks- Sox game at Fenway

    Go to a Yanks- Royals game in Kansas City

    See the Yanks win a World Series with me in person(Seen them clinch the AL Title twice in 98 & 2000

    See a live Parade after the Yanks win the World Series.

    Watch a Yankee Game behind Homeplate( Watched from behind the Yankee Dugout once)

  • Brewers Bucket List

    -Go to the games and stand in line to get favorite player's autograph\

    -Experience a playoff game

    -Go to a Brewers/Twins game; Brewers/Cubs game; Brewers/White Sox game...all doable for driving

    -Run the bases after the game

    -Catch a foul ball

    -Eat one of each (may be 1 at 5 different games) Chorizo, Brat, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog and Polish Sausage (the sausages in the races)

    -Tail-gate and grill in the parking lot

    -Come dressed in your Brewers gear for every game

    -Go with your Dad or Mom if you can

    -Go with your own kids if you have them

    -Get on the Megatron

    -Sing the Beer Barrel Polka at the top of your lungs during the 7th inning stretch

    Wow-there's a lot of fun things people can do! Cool Elizabeth!

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    Dodger fan here:

    Bucket List:

    Meet and talk to Tommy Lasorda

    See a Dodger game in person

    Study the Tradition from "Dem Bums" to "Mannywood"

    Go to a Giants game and wear a LA cap or shirt

    Go to Dodger Stadium

    Listen to the song "I love LA"

    Eat a Dodger Dog and a cheap beer in the bleachers at the Stadium

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    Giants bucket list:

    1.Get there early for batting practice

    2.Go to see giants@A's at the colisseum

    3.Eat a crab sandwich at the park

    4.On sundays listen to the giants pregame show live and meet giants talent director bobby evans as he answers questions outside of the main gate for the radio

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    I better get a bucket `cause I`m going to throw~up.

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