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I have allstate insurance right now and im paying way too much anybody know a good cheap insurance company?

I have allstate insurance right now and im paying way too much anybody know a good cheap insurance company

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    There will be many answers to this question saying...go here or call this company. The reality is that there are hundreds of insurance carriers vying for your business...but here are the basics in California (you did not mention where you are).

    If you have 1 ticket (point) or less in the last 3 years the major carriers usually have the best price, and more importantly, the best coverage. Major carriers are State Farm, AAA, Allstate (your current carrier), Farmers, GEICO, 21st Century, Mercury etc.

    If you have some activity on your driving record an independent agent would be your best choice, however this is where it gets real tricky...there are as many bad independents as there are good...I wish I had a way to direct you towards a good one in particular, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell up front. Most of them will not quote you correct over the phone, because they want to give you the "lowest price"...however if the quote is may not be the lowest, and as a consumer, how can you tell? The sad thing is I am an independent agent, and have been for 17 years here in CA, the agents who are selling to the public usually don't read the policies and even know the coverage limitations for what they are selling...I feel sorry for people shopping for coverage who have tickets right now. There are slimy agents out aware and ask questions...if it sounds weird, call someone else, there are plenty of agents out there...good luck.

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    Ask your current Agent to review your policy and see if anything can be done to decrease your premium. If you have a clean record you have a chance of finding a cheaper rate. But you also have to take into account that as a New Customer with a different company you'd be considered probationary and if you get in an accident within a certain period of time, you could be dropped. You'd then be High Risk--staying with one company is often the best thing to do so talk to your Agent and see what he can do.

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    Progressive offers a discount if you sign up online. It goes up after the term is up but it makes for a cheap first bill.

    I'm currently going through Ameircan Family. There agents each essentially run their own company so if you find a good one they are normally really good about getting you exactly what you want. My agent got me 1 year renters and 6 months auto for the same price progressive wanted for just 6 months auto

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    Go on line and type in cheap insurance and it will give several options. That's what I did and you can get quotes from different companies.

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    AAA, it's really good, and you only pay $135 once every year! You get 5 free tolls and I think the first 100 miles are free, they can come and give you gas if you run out, change your tire, etc. my mom's had it since i can remember!!

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