Calling all Arachnaphobes: Have u had carpets/ walls sprayed to get rid of big spiders? Did it get rid of th?

em? I live in the UK so would be particularly keen to here from British people as I think the pesticides used, costs and brand names would differ. I am interested in all the above. The spiders are very big and don't seem to spin webs. ughhh. Thanks


Are there no other arachnaphobes in England or am I being too impatient?

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  • Roisin
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    1 decade ago
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    HOUSE SPIDERS! big scary ones that move dead fast-and also the reason for many a nights on my living room couch. Thank you :D

    I don't have the answer but i am with you and am very interested in this question and the answers to it.

    I've had many people tell me some things that are meant to work, like putting pine cones in the corners of the room :/ but i just don't see how that would work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    here in the colony's we use a product called home defense,works like a charm,have a jolly day

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