can i file suit against the city and its police department and its officer for support for the rest of my life?

officers showed up at my residence saying that they were responding to a call about some one smoking weed on the front porch (i don't have a porch)-smile. they said that they were unsure of the address that they were to respond to (lmao) i told them that they had come to the wrong house one of two officers asked me y would he believe me and i said its simple i don't have a porch he then told me to shut the f_ ck up and called me a smart asss (smile) u know i had to say something (lol) so i asked him who was he to come to my home and talk to me as if i were some child or something (just kidding) i told him that he needed to get the fu_k out of my yard before i call the police (smile) but b4 they left the other cop ( which was a female ) gave me a piece of paper with they're names (at my request of course) the male cop got mad and said u r going to jail and i said no i'm not i have not done anything to have to go there and not only am i not going to jail i am not even getting into ur car i said u came to the wrong house and u can't admit it he then instructed me to put my hands on top of the police car ( i thought he was going to search me but he fooled me and forcefully cuffed my left hand at this time i stood there and held my hands above my head and he said put ur hands behind ur back i said in a calm and cool manner officer i am disabled i have a back condition that will not allow me to put my hands behind my back i said i am not disobeying ur orders i simply can not do that without consequence of muscle spasms i said but however if just must take me to jail please allow me to sit in ur patrol car and i will let u cuff me from the front he said no u r going to do it the way i said or i will fuc_in_ take u down ( i said that would b a mistake) as i have just told u that i am disabled and cannot comply with ur orders i then said i am not being agressive but at the same time i cannot let u cuff me in that manner and then the male office kneed me in my knee forcing me to the ground i was kneed several times to my lower mid and upper back and was told by the male office thats all ur kind is good for is to make like yall hirt yall need to leave that crack alone and get a job (my last two jobs were chief of security at a prison and a substance abuse tech) ( my landlord is the investigator for the DA'S office and my nephue is the head of narcodicsthey were both called to the scene when they arrived they asked the officer what was he doing! (at this time i was covered with mud as i was thrown in the ditch) listen at what his answer was ( I THOUGHT HE WAS FAKING ) LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOL WELL I WAS TEMPORARY ON THE DISABLED LIST BUT MY DOCTOR said that i was doing alot better and that i would soon be able to try and go back to work some where but because the office THOUGHT i was faking i was returned to crutches for another 11 weeks he tore my acl in my knee (when he took me down) all together now i have 4 ruptured disc in my back both knees are messed up i'm over weight and diagnosed with severe depression my wife has tried suicide 2 times already ( did i tell u that she is disabled 2 ) it is going on 4 yrs ago that this happened to me i have no income and my wife gets 854.00 a month our 20 yr old son takes care of us ( he works at americas pizza thats right ) (pizza hut) still trying to get disability but my wife gets 854.00 that exceeds the house hold limit of 700.00 so that disqualifies me from getting any help from the state or the federal gov but back to the story remember i told u that there were two officers there and when i was thrown to the ground and beat up i looked up at the female officer and said from the looks of things u must think what he is doing is wrong because u choose not to help him

but me i am a citizen and i am asking u to help me this is all a mistake i said u have to help one of us and she froze unable to respond i called out to the neighbors and anyone out there in the street to please call me an ambulance as i was in need of medical attention and then i called out to both officers to call for an ambulance i am in need of medical help ( at this time i requested that the officer take his hands off of me as he was not a medic nor was he a dr listen at this if things got that bad for him to throw me down and beat me Y when the ambulance came y y Y did he take the cuffs off of me and send me to the hospital with no police officers ( thats right they took the cuffs off of me and let me go to the hospital with no police escort like nothing ever happened

i tried to file charges with the city police ,city marshals office, sherriffs office, and the state police the state police said that city should take the charges there since thats where it happened city said no not them because they r the investigating source so they could not do it ( what will become of me )

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  • Shogun
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    1 decade ago
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    The last stop for an issue like this is the FBI for violation of your civil rights. However, I would sure love to have heard the other side of this story.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not true to the first poster. It was hard to read, but I did read it.

    Well, since you didn't mention any witnesses to your story, I must assume that there weren't any. In that case, it could be very hard to determine the veracity of what you have indicated in your story.

    The only thing left is to file a formal complaint to the police station and hope that an internal investigation is started. But, if both of the responding officers have the same story to tell, then I doubt you will find much relief as there will be no evidence to prove your side of the story.

    So, when you look at the number of good cops out there doing their job versus the typical quality of the person that they eventually arrest (not implying you are of low-quality, simply that most of the people that are arrested are actually guilty), then it will be hard to prove that you are one of the good ones that were actually abused since there is no evidence.

    So, if everything you have written is true, then you will find yourself most likely in a very upsetting place, where you know that you have been wronged but you may have no recourse to prove it. You will have to convince yourself that this was no different than any other accident, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong officer.

    I realize that is not much comfort, but you have to do something to take your mind off the anger and put your attention back on your recovery.

  • 1 decade ago

    People lie to the police ALL the time. "Don't cuff me..I have a bad back!" There was no reason to necessarily believe you. Especially since you started off being uncooperative and mouthing off to them. From what I read, you were rude, abusive and you were interfering with, and refusing to comply with a police officer. Personally, "disabled" or not, I think you were very lucky not to be thrown in jail. If you pursue it, there's a good change they'll file those charges against you out of spite too.

    Sorry this happened to you if you're sincerely disabled. But, it sounds like you brought this on yourself. If you'd just kept your mouth shut, and said, "I'm sorry officer. You have the wrong address" then they would have left without incident.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't know of rest of your life but I say get an attorney that has a specialty in this type of cases if you can't afford an attorney I say use the MEDIA! call your local new stations if you get on Tv trust me the police department will want to keep all this hush hush so they will give you what you want but I say use the media as last resort which can get messy

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  • 1 decade ago

    You sound like the typical person who tries to blame everyone else for his/her problems. You have health problems but you are obese? Well I think the two are related...and who forced you to stuff your fat face in the first place. You have little to no see food and you eat...just like a piggy.

    Listen, no one feels sorry for you. You rely on your neigbour/cousin and your son supports're a disgrace.

    And ontop of that, all you had to do was be upfront with the police, but you have to run your fat mouth off.

    I don;t feel sorry for you one bit and people like you just make me think that cops are underpaid...I would flip having to deal with idiots like you everyday.

  • Me
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    1 decade ago

    I stopped reading after the first few lines... there is not an attorney I know of that would take the case with your attitude (lol)(smile)(not kidding)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They shoulda been the sheet out of you for being so mouthy.....

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  • PhuQue
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    1 decade ago

    go back to the porch you don't

  • 1 decade ago

    NO ONE is ever going to read that...

  • 1 decade ago

    Welcome to life in the United Police States of America.

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