Difference between Dsl and Cable Internet?

What is the difference between Dsl and Cable interent? Which one if faster and which one is cheaper. Please give an example of an internet service that uses which.

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    DSL runs over your phone line and needs a filter so you don't hear static on your phones. Cable is internet provided through the fiber optic cable nothing additional needs to be done. Cable is faster but a little bit more expensive. DSL is cheaper and slower, the speed could be greater but the phone companies don't want to give people more for nothing

    DSL - AT&T

    Cable - Comcast

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    Not sure. However, both a friend of mine and myself were in college last year. She had cable internet which was 'much' faster than my highest DSL package from phone company. Cable internet is is an all fiber optic system I believe. While DSL is all fiber outside but wire cable inside of building. As for price, her lowest package was only like a 5 dollar's higher than mine. $40 a month verses $35 per month. I've been thinking about switching that one service for a long time... lol


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    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) uses your current phone line, requires the use of filters on non-dsl hook-ups (phones).

    Cable is yea, cable. It DOES NOT USE FIBER OPTICS like stated above, unless you specifically pay for it. Which is very expensive. It is a piece of copper wire surrounded by insulators.

    They both come in a variety of speeds. You would need to check your area to see which ones provides better service. Cable boasts it is faster than DSL, but that is in theory. Common day use generally proves they are about the same.

    Prices vary on what plan you pay for.

    Comcast and Time Warner both offer cable

    Sprint and AT&T both offer DSL

    Check around your area, please do not listen to the above poster. He is giving you very biased information.

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    Cable is faster than DSL.

    The way in which it is delivered to your home (ie. equipment, wiring, etc) is the difference between the two. Cable uses the CATV (cable television) infrastructure while DSL uses the telephone network to carry the signals.

    And obviously the faster it gets, the price goes up.

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  • DSL run through the phone line from the phone jack so along you have a phone jack in your house, you do not need to call anyone to come over to install it.. its easy installation just plug it to the phone jack to your modem..

    Cable is required to have someone install it, they install the cable wire inside your wall and plug it to your modem.. its more expensive then DSL but Faster then DSL

    Which is Faster? Cable Internet

    Comcast is Cable At&t is DSL

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    well speed varies from place to place and location.

    but dsl, is used by the phone and cable just that cable. however, some may argue that u lose connection speeds with cable because, u use it to run just that ur cable in ur house like ur tv and now some offer phone services also through ur cable line. also ur cable is usually shared throughout the neighborhood. now verizon i believe offers a designated connection (dsl) as u may have heard FIOS fiber obtics, which actually is faster. but again it varies, call the companies or hte website and check connection speeds. some cable offer designated connections in fiber obtics as well.

    2 major in my areas are Cox and Verizon

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    Our DSL is 434 Mbps. Very fast. Faster than T3 lines!

    It is www.cavtel.net for $50/month!

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    the difference is that dsl uses your phone line (bt ) and cable uses fibre optic cable (virgin) one of the advantages of cable is that it dosent matter how far away you live from the exchange you still get the same speed whereas dsl slows down the futher away you live. i hope this helps ,kev

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